This shows how your screen will look while you are using my Illustrated Electronic Catalog of Pot-Shots.
You can search by word or words, using the "SEARCH TEXT" box.. (The above search has listed all the Pot-Shots containing the word "satisfaction.")
Whenever you select a particular text line, the illustration for that Pot-Shot will be shown. (In the above, #2696 has been selected.)
You can also search by Subject, using the "SEARCH SUBJECTS" box. The little arrow to the right of that box brings a list of all the hundreds of available subjects.
You can also search by code number(s) using the "DISPLAY CODE #s" box.
You can "copy and paste" any text or the illustration using the appropriate "COPY" button.
Any list you bring up can be sorted either numerically, by code number, or alphabetically.
If you hit the "RANDOM" button, there is no telling which of 10,000 Pot-Shots you will get!

Available only on CD. Price: $105 (includes shipping anywhere in the world.)

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