(Typed and edited Nov-Dec, 2011)



1946, when I was 12 years old, was the third year I had kept a diary, but the first in which there was space to write more than a very few lines a day. 


The war had ended in 1945.  After 5 years, my family (my mother, father, sister and I) left Washington D.C., where we lived in an apartment, and where I had reached the middle of Junior High School.   After a 5-week interlude with relatives in Toronto (during which, very much against my will, I was put into the nearest school), we finally returned to England, which I had last seen in 1939.  My father, a British government official, had been given a generous shipping allowance, and before leaving Washington, we packed as many household goods as we could, including my new bicycle (which I didn’t see again until the following year.)  But it was not an easy transition.  After crossing on the “Queen Mary,” we were not able to move back into our old home in London, and for most of 1946 my mother, sister Myrna, and I had to live, not always very happily, with relatives in the south coast resort town of Bournemouth, being once again separated for much of the time from my father, whose work was in London.


Knowing little about the British school system, I found myself attending what was called a “secondary modern” school, though I should really have been in a college-preparatory “grammar school.”  But, as in Washington, much of my activity also centered on the local synagogue, where my long-anticipated Bar Mitzvah took place just before our lengthy sojourn in Bournemouth ended.


After having been much involved with my Toronto-born mother’s family for the seven war years, it was now my father’s family among whom I was cast – his aged and ailing father Henry Brilliant and mother Rebecca, and his brothers Mort, George, and Leonard, particularly the latter two, who lived in Bournemouth, and now operated the family fur business.  And we became specially close to Leonard’s wife Sylvia, and her family, the Bermans.


Children are generally adaptable, and I don’t seem to have had much difficulty getting used to English money or to the rationing system, or even to the different weather.  But I did not make many friends, and spent much of my free time reading, listening to the radio, and playing with construction toys.  By the end of the year I was very glad that we were leaving Bournemouth, and finally moving into a home of our own.


In editing, I have again left nothing out, and mostly retained my original spelling.  All editorial matter is in square brackets and italics.  Any other parentheses are in the original.







Tuesday, January 1, 1946.

Because I am now 12, I am in a Bar Mitzvah class at Hebrew school.  [Jewish boys traditionally come of age on their 13th birthday. Mine would not be until December 9.] I have to come at 4:30 on Thursday. 

I finished reading “Around the World in 80 Days.”  It was a very good book

I heard the rose bowl game over the radio.  Alabama beat California, 34 to 14.  (I sound like a real football fan, don’t I?)

I examined old letters which I had received from Mummy and Daddy while I was at camp in 1943.

At Hebrew school, the Rabbi gave us a lecture on the importance of sending girls to Hebrew School.  I wish Mummy and Daddy could have heard him because they won’t send Myrna.


Wednesday, January 2, 1946.

At hebrew school the rabbi told me that since Myrna cannot attend Hebrew school, I should teach her hebrew.

Daddy received word that it is definite that we will be returning to England very shortly.

Got the last issue to my subscription to “Popular Science.”

Started reading “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne.

I tried to compose a peice of music for school, but I failed miserably. (Mainly because I don’t know how to write music)


Thursday, January 3, 1946.

At Hebrew school there is a campaigne against me as president, The lead of which is Nathan.  It’s funny but I always thought he was my friend.  I thought he would be loyal and trustworthy, just as I have always been to him.  But now he turns against me.  Sometimes I would like to kill him.  What a rat.

At school I split my pants playing football.  I went around all day trying to hide it.  Two boys noticed it.  When I came home I sowed it up.

Attended Bar mitzvah class at Hebrew & got a little note pad.

I have a slight cold.

Mummy bought me a lot of ties to take back to England.

Daddy gave me a french lesson.  [He was concerned that my lack of French would be a disadvantage at school in England.]


Friday, January 4, 1946.

Went shopping for Mummy.

At school in assembly, my section, 8A4 won 3 awards.  Second place in Home & School meeting attendance, First place in money collected for the red cross, and a Red cross flag for having 100% donations on the first day of the drive

My flashlight [a birthday present from my parents] is coming in very handy now.

Heard the radio till 10:00 o’clock.

We are getting all set to leave for England.  Mummy is getting us all new clothes.

I think that we will leave sometime in March, 1946.  Mummy & Daddy are trying to “prepare” me for the conditions in England.  They tell me all the bad points.   But I still want to go back.  [England had suffered much in the war, and would be a long time recovering.]


Saturday, January 5, 1946.

This morning at shul, I was sitting next to Nathan.  He pulled something out of his pocket and a card fell out and dropped on the bench in back of him.  I picked it up and read it.  It said “Junior’s Mother looked in his diary page about me.  I should be loyal to him like he is to me.  Swear that you won’t tell.”  Evidently he had heard mummy say to his mother that she had looked in here on Jan. 3. When I came home, I told Mummy what I knew.  I am still very angry.  Mummy gave me a story about wanting to know what was troubling me.  I never thought mummy could stoop so low.  Mummy thinks that Nathan told me.

Today I saw “Life With Blondie”    Heard the radio.


Sunday, January 6, 1946.

When I got to Sunday School I found signs plastered all over saying such things as “Down with Brilliant” and “We want a new president.”

I conducted the assembly at Sunday school.  I told the rabbi & he told the school that I am leaving the school in March. 

Went with Mummy, Daddy, Myrna and Mrs. & Marsha Mensh [Nathan’s mother and sister] to see about a trunk which Mummy & Daddy wanted to buy, but someone else was already promised it.

I told Nathan how I found out about Mummy looking in my diary.

Heard the radio.


Monday, January 7, 1946.

Went back to School.

Mummy told me today that we may leave Washington by the end of February, and then go to Toronto.  Then, after saying goodbye to everybody, we would leave for England.

It was rainy today, but Mummy and Daddy say I must get used to it because the English weather is like that most of the time.

Daddy gave me a French lesson tonight.


Tuesday, January 8, 1946.

At school I finished my poster in math.  (I still can’t for the life of me understand what poster work has to do with math.)

Everybody seems to know that we are going back to England soon.

Did my homework.

At school, I got A+ on my math “Banking and money Notebook”

Got a new Grammer book at Hebrew school today.  It is really just a continuation of the first one.

Heard the radio.




Wednesday, January 9, 1946.

Went at 9:00 to school today to try out for the next semester in the boy’s choir.  My voice hasn’t got any sign of changing yet, so I am going to continue to sing soprano.  (I wont have to worry about it much longer.)

Daddy says that I might get a bicycle before we go back to England but he wants to get a second hand one, and I don’t.

I started Ironing out all my cardboard toys so that they will be easy to pack when we leave.

The book, “The Mysterious Island” which I am reading now belongs to the school library, and they want it back now, so I am going to try to get it out of the public library.


Thursday, January 10, 1946.

Had a science test at school.  I don’t know what mark I got yet.  I think I did fairly well.

Today Mummy told me that we would go to Canada, but leave for England from New York.

Attended Bar Mitzvah Class.

In Art class we were shown how to weave a sort of basket of paper.  It looked very complicated but when I came home, I tried it and found that I could do it.


Friday, January 11, 1946.

Started learning about light in Science at school.

Played with my tinkertoy set and made a trip hammer.

Bought a pocket flashlight for 39¢  I bought 2 extra batteries (15¢) but they didn’t fit.

Heard the radio.


Saturday, January 12, 1946.

Missed Shul.

Went downtown with Mummy.  I got 2 pairs of Thom Mcan shoes.

Had lunch out at Ewarts.

Saw “The Lost Weekend”  It was said to be the best picture of 1945.  It was all about an alchoholic.

Heard the radio.


Sunday, January 13, 1946.

At Sunday school I wasn’t such a model pupil.

Mummy advertised in the paper for a trunk.  We got about 6 answers.  Although no calls came in the afternoon, I had to stay in to receive calls, while the rest of the family, with uncle Al (who came in from Baltimore for the day) went out to look at the trunks.  They bought one.  Uncle Al bought me 3 comic books.  Listened to the radio all afternoon and evening.  The Solomons came for supper.


Monday, January 14, 1946.

Went to School.

At Hebrew, I had the article which I wrote for the “Agudas Achim News” printed

I wrote a funny story about a knight for school.  Mummy is going to type it up and I am going to send it in to the “Junior Star”   Listened to the radio.


Tuesday, January 15, 1946.

At school I told my funny story.  I think the kids liked it.

I traded 6 comic books with Preston Feenex.

I sent in the story to “The Junior Star”

We got a trunk.  It is just like I would imagine a treasure chest to be like.  It is all rotten and rusty.  We got it free.

Got a bottle of India Ink.

When we got the trunk we started packing.


Wednesday, January 16, 1946.

I wrote a poem which I thought up last night.  I called it “The way ahead”

At Hebrew I got 3 bags of fruit & stuff for Chamisha Asoh beshvot. [Jewish Festival]

Bought a comic book.

Went looking for a drawing pen nib but I couldn’t by one anywhere.

Did homework.


Thursday, January 17, 1946.

Started studying about magnetism in School.

Read comic Books.

Got a postcard from the “Junior Star” saying they had received my story.

Attended Bar-Mitzvah class.


Friday, January 18, 1946.

Saw a play in assembly but I couldn’t hear it so I didn’t understand it very well.

Read comics.

Went shopping.

Had a haircut.

Heard the radio.

Bought a book called “The Pocket history of World War II”


Saturday, January 19, 1946.

Missed shul.

Went downtown.  Had lunch at Ewart’s.  Got pants, raincoat, coat, and shirts.

Saw “Appointment in Tokyo” and “Born for trouble.”

Got a toy snake and a bottle of black ink.

Listened to the radio.


Sunday, January 20, 1946.

Had a term test at Sunday School.  It seems that the kids want an election next Sunday.  Nathan heads them.

I am pretty sure that I am going to get a bicycle.

My story wasn’t in the “Junior Star”

I was “bad” in the afternoon so I couldn’t hear the radio. Played with my tinkertoy.

Reene came for supper.  We may leave for England (Canada) even before Feb. 28.

Altogether it wasn’t a very pleasant day


Monday, January 21, 1946.

At school, Mummy phoned Mr. Ferry (the principal) and told him that she wanted to get me into a French class.  He called me to his office & told me that I should skip last period (science) to take French.  I was pretty angry.

Did my homework.

Played with my tinkertoy.

Listened to the radio.


Tuesday, January 22, 1946.

Had no French lesson at school today.  But had no science.

Had a small fight at school.  Really I like the boy.  It was mostly in fun.

Did my homework.

Played with tinkertoy.

Listened to the radio.


Wednesday, January 23, 1946.

At school, I was supposed to be captian of a team, playing another team, but I turned out so bad, that I was immediately demoted.  I had some good plays, but the team members wouldn’t listen.  We lost.

I had no homework.

Played with tinkertoy.

Listened to the radio.

Daddy went to the library & got out “The mysterious island” for me.  Had numerous unhappy incidents with parents and Myrna which ended in my going to bed crying.

At 3:30 (after school) using the excuse that he made noise in music class (which I didn’t attend) I with some other boys Pushed a boy (Billy Liddy) into a mud puddle.  I feel very sorry about it now.

We got 2 more big wooden packing boxes.


Thursday, January 24, 1946.

At school I will get C in phisical training.

Attended Bar Mitzvah class.

Billy Liddy (The boy I pushed into a mud puddle yesterday) did not attend school.  I wonder?

Read part of my library book.

Didn’t feel so well in the evening.

Played with tinkertoy.

Today is Daddy’s last day at his office before he gets his leave.


Friday, January 25, 1946.

Saw part of a graduation party at school.

Played with my tinkertoy set.

Listened to the radio.



Saturday, January 26, 1946.

At shul there were held elections and I didn’t run for president.  I ran for head monitor but wasn’t elected.

Saw “Captian Kidd”.

Heard radio.

Read my book.


Sunday, January 27, 1946.

Well what do you know!  I had given up all hope of ever getting my story about “Gezuntite the Knight” in the “Junior Star.”  I casually looked  on the children’s page of the paper “when what to my wondering eyes should appear” but the word Gezuntite.  After popping my eyes back in, I saw that it was my article, with the title changed to “Gezuntite the Knight learns what to do about screams.”  I am very proud.


[This was the article (clipped and stuck into the Diary.)  It was my first published piece:


Gezuntite the Knight

Learns What to Do

About Screams


By Junior Brilliant, 12

Paul Junior High School


     Once upon a time, Gezuntite the Knight was riding along on his horse Radish when he heard a scream.  Then he heard another and another.  He discovered they were a code message, so he got out his pad and pencil and started decoding.  Gezuntite was once a Boy Scout, so he decoded it quickly.

     When he had finished, the message spelled H-E-L-P.  Now, since Gezuntite had never gone to school, he didn’t know what H-E-L-P spelled, so he went 20 miles to the nearest town, and asked the Wise Man.  But the Wise Man happened to be a faker who had got by telling the townspeople moron jokes.  He had not gone to school himself, so he told Gezuntite to go ask King Hot Foot.

     So Gezuntite went 50 miles to the Capital City.  He bribed the palace guards by telling them the words to “Chickery Chick” and walked boldly into the throne room.  He went right to the king, who was in a good mood, and asked him what H-E-L-P spelled.  Now the king was very learned and he told Gezuntite that it spelled help.

     Gezuntite knew that a very beautiful maiden lived in the vicinity of the screams, and his face brightened.

     He rode back the 70 miles to where he had first heard the screams, but just as he arrived he saw his rival, Lord Nottingham van Snootch, carrying the maiden away, leaving a dead dragon behind.  Gezuntite just sat down and cried.]



It snowed today.

I stayed inside all afternoon.

Played with tintertoy.

Listened to the radio.


Monday, January 28. 1946.

Showed my article in the paper around in School and Hebrew School.  Hebrew was exceptionally dull today, since we spent the whole hour (and some extra) on the singing of the Seedur.  [Jewish prayer book.  Usually spelled “siddur.”]

When I came home from school I thought I would have a nice time, since I had no homework.

Daddy wanted to give me a French lesson but I refused, since I now take French [at school.] Finally, after 2 beatings, and numerous other punishments and tortures (including the breaking up of a tinkertoy machine, on which I had been working) I did it, purposely making some errors 

Altogether today was one of my B-A-A-A-A-D days.  [This was a catch-phrase on one of the radio comedies I listened to.]


Tuesday, January 29, 1946.

At school, Miss Diggins (my Math and worst teacher) said that she had noticed my article in the paper.

Mummy and Daddy went to Baltimore for the day, and Myrna and I had supper (cold chicken sandwiches and peas) alone.

Mummy & Daddy came back about 10:00 o’clock.  They brought lots of stuff.  Played with tinkertoy.

Discussed the lost 10 tribes in Hebrew school.

Did homework.

Heard radio.


Wednesday, January 30, 1946.

I will get my report card in school on Friday.

Our books are being collected in school.

Had no homework.

Made a movie chart.

Heard radio.


Thursday, January 31, 1946.

I phoned up “Hazelton’s” (a bicicle) store.  They said they had some “Rollfast” bicicles for $36.50.  Daddy and I are going down to see them tomorrow.  I think I will get one.

Had no homework.

Attended Bar-Mitzvah class.

Read library book.

Heard radio.


Friday, February 1, 1946.

The bicicles weren’t assembled yet so Daddy and I didn’t go down town. We will go tomorrow.

Got my report card at school.  5 As 1B 2Cs (Honour Roll)

Packed a lot of toys and stuff.

Today is the end of my 8A semester.  I am half way through Junior High School.  (Of course I will never finish)

Packed my tinkertoy.

Read my Library Book.  I am now more than half way through it.

Read a story about an oil well fire out of my “Wonder Book of  Dairing Deeds” at school in geography.


Saturday, February 2, 1946.

Oh! Happy days.  [Another radio catch-phrase.]  Daddy and I went down town to Hazelton’s (The bicycles store),  We liked the bicycle which they had reserved for me so much that we immediately bought it ($36.50)  We also bought a lock and bell.  The man at the store gave me a pair of pants clips, a rubber patching kit, and a chain with a waterproof cover.  It is a beautiful Rollfast bike.  It has a light and a kick stand.  I showed it to Nathan, and he thought it was pretty good.  I like it very much.  Daddy brought it home in a taxi.

Saw “First Yank into Tokyo

Mummy held a farewell party at the Mensh’s house, but I didn’t go.

Hear the radio.

This is one of my G-oo-o-o-o D days.


Sunday, February 3, 1946.

This is the last day of my shul term of president.

Rode my bicycle around the block by myself and with Nathan.  Only got it scratched a little bit.  I had most trouble getting it up and down the back stairs.  Nathan proposed that I keep it in his cellar, for which he would give me a key. [The Menshes’ house was immediately behind ours, across an alley.] I will consult Mummy.

Mummy & Daddy went to Baltimore again for the whole day.

Nathan will be a “Rooky” (7a) at Paul [Paul Junior High School, which I attended] tomorrow.

I have a pretty bad cold.  Heard radio.


Monday, February 4, 1946.

Mummy and Daddy said I could keep my bike in Menshs’ basement.  I rode it to School and Hebrew School.

Got new teachers in school:

Volemer – Math

English – Green

M.A. [Manual Arts] – Mr. Cleaveland

History – Middlemas

Latin – De Keyser

Music – White

Art – Patterson


I am now in 8B4.  Heard Radio




Tuesday, February 5, 1946

Rode bike to School and Hebrew School.  Bought a basket for it ($1.29) and Daddy put it on.

The streets were very slippery.

Got a brand new History Text Book at school.

Heard Radio.

Read library book.  It is due tomorrow, but I will renew it.

Mummy went to New York to get a fur coat.


Wednesday, February 6, 1946.

Started making a whisk broom holder in Manual arts at school.

As I was riding my bike to the library, I tried to stop near the curb to talk to someone.  I stopped with such a jerk that I slid off the bike onto some glass.  My [right] hand got pretty badly cut up.  I returned home, got it washed & fixed up, and went back to the library and renewed “The Mysterious Island”

Did homework.


Thursday, February 7, 1946.

Got a good bandage put on my cut hand.

Daddy said that we may either leave for England on the “Queen Mary” or the “Aquatania”

Mummy came home from New York.  She brought me some stationary with the initial “A” on it.

Attended Bar Mitzvah class.


Friday, February 8, 1946.

Rode my bike all afternoon on Peabody Street.

Played with kids up the street.

Started to fix a toy mechanical boat of myne [sic] but only succeeded in breacking it up.

Heard Radio.  Had a bath.

At school there seems to be some planning for giving me a fairwell gift or something.  I was sent out of the room while it was discussed so I’m not sure.


Saturday, February 9, 1946.

Missed shul.

Saw “Snafu (Situation normal all fouled up)”

One of my false teeth came out.  [I had lost my 2 front teeth in an accident in June 1944.]

Got a “Captain Marvel” comic book.  (It now has 68 pages.)

Heard radio.


Sunday, February 10, 1946.

There will be a singing contest at Sunday School next Sunday.  Mrs. Pollock asked me to write an article of fairwell for the shul newspaper.  I said I might.

Rode my bike a little.

Wrote a composition on “The influence of comics” for school.  Heard radio.


Monday, February 11, 1946.

It snowed today.

Read library book.

Had a French lesson.

Found a comic book in School.

My English teacher (Miss Green) Read my Composition on the influence of comics in class.


Tuesday, February 12, 1946

We’re definitely leaving for Toronto on Feb. 27.

Made a picture for school homework Illustrating the causes of the revolutionary war.

Did Hebrew homework.

Heard Radio.


Wednesday, February 13, 1946.

Bought some valentines for school. (Tomorrow is valentine’s day)

Heard radio

Almost finished my library book.  (I am on page 469 of a 493 page book.)

Mummy had the Grosmans in tonight and I didn’t get to sleep till about 11:30


Thursday, February 14, 1946.

Today is Valentine’s day.  I got about 12 valentine cards in school.

Attended bar-mitzvah class.

Went shopping on my bike.

Did homework.

Had a French Lesson.

We got some school test papers from England on Various subjects.  They are very difficult.

At last I finished my library book “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne.  It was a very good book.


Friday, February 15, 1946.

Mummy got some metal chairs and a beautiful table.

Mummy got Myrna a platform rocker.

Played with my magic set and packed it.

Heard radio.


Saturday, February 16, 1946.

Missed shul.  This was one of my B-A-A-A-D days.

I wouldn’t get up so I got beat.  I wouldn’t get dressed so I got beat.

Didn’t attend the movies because there was nothing good playing.

Stayed in all afternoon and got beat in the evening for doing so.

Read comics.

Daddy put the radio away in a cupboard so that I couldn’t hear it, but he and Mummy went out and I took it down, heard it and put it back.  I hope Daddy doesn’t find out.


Sunday, February 17, 1946.

Won a sterling silver kiddush or Pesach cup in a singing contest at Sunday School.

Mummy wouldn’t let me go to the movies after what happened yesterday.  Daddy says I can’t ride my bike any more.

Played outside (although I didn’t want to, because there was nothing to do.)

Heard radio.


Monday, February 18, 1946.

Parents wouldn’t let me ride my bike again.

Got an “A” on the picture which I drew for history class.  (So did almost everyone else.)

Did homework.

Got a “Captain Marvel” comic book.

Helped Daddy pack a lot of stuff.

We sold our couch and had it taken away today.

Parents bought a nice laundry basket.

Heard radio.


Tuesday, February 19, 1946.

Mummy came to school to say goodby to Miss Middlemas (my home room teacher.)  I got in bad with Mummy by refusing to go shopping with her.

Parents somehow found out that M. and I too and listened to the radio last Saturday night.  I think they could tell by the position of it on the shelf.

Daddy and I took my bicycle apart for packing.

Mummy got a nice pressure cooker.

Heard the Radio.


Wednesday, February 20, 1946.

Stayed away from school.

Daddy, Myrna & I went down to the capitol.  We climbed almost to the top of the dome.  It is a very beautiful building.  I enjoyed very much riding the little subway which connects the senate and house.  We listened to the Pearl Harbor hearings.  [A Congressional investigation of the Dec. 1941 attack] We only saw a little bit of the house in session. 

We had lunch out with Mummy.  I stayed downtown after lunch and looked in the bookstores and in Murphy’s.  I went to WTOP and saw the “Stumpus Club” broadcasting.

Had a French lesson.  Heard radio.


Thursday, February 21, 1946.

Went to school and probably played my last baseball game in America.  We are leaving on February 26 (Tuesday) instead of the 27th (Wednesday)

At school we had an assembly to do with George Washington.  The speaker was Rabbi Gerstenfelt, a reform rabbi of the Washington Hebrew Association.

Parents bought a couch.    Heard radio.


Friday, February 22, 1946.

Unwillingly went by streetcar downtown to pick up some things in stores for Mummy.

Saw “Pinnochio” again today.  I saw it in Toronto about 4 years ago.

There is a holiday from school today because this is George Washington’s birthday.

Heard radio.


Saturday, February 23, 1946.

Missed shul because I wanted to sleep late.

Asked Mummy if I could see “Radio stars on parade,” and luckily she said I could.  But I was pretty disappointed in the picture. 

Everyone went out to supper at the Sykes’s but me.  (I didn’t want to go.)

Leon [Hornicker] came up to say goodbye.

Heard radio.


Sunday, February 24, 1946.

Went to Sunday School for the last time.

The Rabbi gave me some records of what I have to sing on my Bar Mitzvah.  I said goodby to him.

It rained in the morning.

Went shopping for Mummy and bought a “Coronet” magazine to read on the train.

Heard the radio.


Monday, February 25, 1946.

At school, since this was my last day, I was presented by the class with a beautiful Morocco Wallet.

With the help of Mr. Cleavland (My manual arts teacher) I finished my whisk broom holder.

Didn’t attend Hebrew school.

Bought two books to read on the train, a magazine – 1000 Jokes and a pocket book of jokes.

Tried to return some pocket flashlight batteries in Sears Roebuck because they didn’t fit in my flashlight but I couldn’t.

Heard radio.


Tuesday, February 25, 1946.

Left Washington today for good (8:05 P.M.) Said goodbye to the house.

In saying goodbye to Mrs. Curtiss and Esberd, Mummy fell, tore her nylons, and cut her leg.  (Not seriously.)

Daddy didn’t leave with us, but is coming a few days afterward.

Went shopping for Mummy.

Well, Washington was a pretty nice town.  Maybe, when I’m a rich man I’ll return on a visit.





Wednesday, February 27, 1946.

Reached Toronto at about 12:00 o’clock.  We were met at the station by Aunty Gert [Gertrude Wexler, my mother’s sister] and Uncle Al, who is in Toronto on business (I guess)  Had lunch at Grandma’s.  Came to Aunty Billy’s [i.e. the home of my Uncle Saul Adler and his wife Billy] in the afternoon.  Played with [my cousins] Howard and Hughy.  In the evening I was supposed to sleep with Howard, which I didn’t want to do.  (I didn’t even want to sleep in Billy’s house)  I started crying, and got to sleep on a couch in Billy and Saul’s bedroom by going in the bathroom, locking the door, and refusing to let anyone in.


Thursday, February 28, 1946.

Went downtown with Grandpa.  Visited the Wexlers & Aunty Rosie and Uncle Joe [my grandfather’s brother, who, like other members of the family, had a second-hand store on Queen St.]

The Wexlers have a lot of new merchandise in their radio store. 

Slept with Grandpa in the bed in his living room. [My grandparents, Sarah and Lewis Adler, lived in an apartment at 1A Havelock St., at the corner of College.]


Friday, March 1, 1946.

[We were now staying with my grandparents, in their apartment.]

Went to the Dentist with Daddy, who came today, and had a plastic tooth put in.  Had a haircut. (Done by the same old barber)

Bought a gyroscope ($1) and played with it.  I like it a lot.

Tryed to listen to the radio up here but it [reception] is terrible and I couldn’t hear a thing.   Slept with Daddy.


Saturday, March 2, 1946.

Had a bath.  Played with my gyroscope.  Went downtown and saw “Spellbound” with Myrna.

Had supper at the Wexlers’.

Visited Rosy & Joe with the family.  Visited & examined Uncle Sol’s Pig Pen (I mean second hand store)  [Also on W. Queen St. It was small, but very untidy.]


Sunday, March 3, 1946.

Visited the Hornblasses with the family and the Wexlers.  Had tea there.  Told some jokes.

Played with my gyroscope.  Jack & Eva Wolfson came up in the evening.


Monday, March 4, 1946.

Mummy started me to Brock Avenue School (My first Canadian School) [i.e the same school in which I had been enrolled when we first came to Canada in 1939.]  Of course, I didn’t want to go , and I am still against it.  The teaching is far behind the American School.  Everyone is very friendly (joke)  There is no cursing or swearing (funny joke)  I adore going to school (Isn’t that a scream?)

Today is Myrna’s birthday.  Bought her a Novelty thermometer (50¢)

Played with gyroscope.


Tuesday, March 5, 1946.

Attended school again.  I am really annoyed at the amount of swearing and “tough guy stuff” in that school.  Had manual arts (woodshop) there today and started to make a picture frame.  Made 56 in a composition test.  (Mainly because I didn’t know the rules)

Milly Afflegreen from Buffalo came up in the evening.


Wednesday, March 6, 1946.

Attended school.  My teacher is Mr. Potts.

Brought a Chocolate Bar out from Grandma’s icebox secretly and ate it on the way to school.

No Latin is taught in school.  [I had been taking Latin in Washington.] Started on an English history project.

Stayed in all afternoon.  Heard radio.


Thursday, March 7, 1946.

Attended school.  Marbles there are called alleys.  Everyone plays alleys.  Got kept in with the rest of the class till 4:00 o’clock.

Bought a “Captain Marvel” comic book.  Sneaked out another (and the last) chocolate bar.

Went to the library but took out no books because there was too much red tape attached.

Had a bath.


Friday, March 8, 1946.

Attended school.  Continued my work on the history project.  Daddy came but I don’t know what he said to my teacher.  Saw some movies on Music.

Tried to hear radio but I couldn’t get it clear.


Saturday, March 9, 1946.

Had lunch out with the family and the Graships at a jewish restaurant.  Didn’t like it much.

Went down to the Wexlers’ and stayed there all afternoon.  Had supper there.

My taking of the chocolate bars was discovered.

Didn’t go to the movies because all week I had refused to talk about what I did in school.


Sunday, March 10, 1946.

Had lunch at Billie’s.  I left most of it.  All I liked was the creplach.

Visited some of the Wexlers’ relatives with the family and the Wexlers.

Visited the Lipgotts.  Had supper there.  Read comics there.  Got a silver dollar from the Lipgotts.  Stayed up very late.


Monday, March 11, 1946

Attended school.  Read a composition story which I wrote, to the class.

Saw a movie about hockey.

Played with my marbles.

Went to bed very early because I was up till 1:00 o’clock last night.


Tuesday, March 12, 1946.

Attended school.  Started a “business” there where I answer any question for a marble.  Made 40 marbles.  Played with them at home.

Had woodshop at school and did some mechanical drawing.

Played outside for a while.

Heard radio at Billy’s.


Wednesday, March 13, 1946.

Attended school, and I now have 130 marbles from my new “business.”  Played with them at home. 

I was supposed to criticize an assembly today at school but it was called off.  Saw some movies at school.

Heard the radio.


Thursday, March 14, 1946.

Continued with marble “business” at school.  I now have 176 marbles.  Parents don’t know about my business yet.

Mummy’s birthday is in 3 days.  Went up to Bloor St. and bought her a recipe file in a wooden box ($1) and a card (10¢)


Friday, March 15, 1946.

I’m still in my marble business at school.  I now have more than 200 marbles.  There is a lot of anti-semetism at school.

I was the only one to get 100% in an English test.

Had a bath.  Went with the family to visit the Krombies.  Had supper there.  Played games with Malcolm.  Didn’t get to bed till 1:00 o’clock.


Saturday, March 16, 1946.

Intended to go to a fairly nearby movie but I had seen it and so I went to a small movie house a long way off and saw “Dudes are pretty people,” 3 cartoons and “There’s something about a soldier.”  Bought some “Ashes of Roses” toilet water and talcum powder for Mummy’s birthday tomorrow.  ($1.30)  Heard radio.

Edith Kauffman had a baby girl.


Sunday, March 17, 1946.

Gave Mummy her presents.

Went out to lunch with the family because this is Mummy’s birthday.  Ate at a Jewish Restaurant.  Didn’t like it much.

Visited the Pifkos’ house.

Went to the Art Gallery.

Mummy had a birthday party at the Wolfsons’ house.  It was pretty good.  Lots of people were there.  Stayed up till 1:00 o’clock.




Monday, March 18, 1946.

Attended school.  Got 72 in a Literature test (the second highest in the class)

Didn’t feel well in the morning, but felt better later.

Played with my marbles.

Heard Eva Reider (who came up in the evening) tell about when her son was killed.  [He was in the U.S. Air Force, and died in a bombing raid over Germany in October 1944.]

Went to bed very early.

Parents bought a new trunk.


Tuesday, March 19, 1946.

Attended school and got 100% in an English test.

Continued work on my picture frame in manual arts workshop.

Went to Billy’s & minded the Baby for a while.  Read comics for a while too.

Heard Radio.


Wednesday, March 20, 1946.

Went to school and got another 100 in an English test.

Visited Ruth Danciger in the afternoon and had tea there.  Walked home with Daddy and got some hair cream on the way home.    Heard radio.


Thursday, March 21, 1946.

Attended school.  There are always crowds around me.  A boy almost broke my neck, using the excuse that I insulted him.  I’m very glad I came to Brock school because it’s such a happy thought to think that I’m leaving in little more than a week.

Played outside.


Friday, March 22, 1946.

Attended school.  Got poor marks (7 out of 24) in an arithmetic test.  We sing a song at school call “March of the Men of Harlech.”  I like it very much.

Went to the movies in the evening because we are going out tomorrow.  Saw “Tarzan’s Secret Treasure” and “Here come the Co-eds”  It was a very good show.


Saturday, March 23, 1946.

Had a bath in the morning.

Read comics at Billy’s.

Visited the Dancigers and the Millers.  Walked home from the Millers.  Bought some “Nut Butter” on the way home but didn’t like it at all.

Heard the Radio.


Sunday, March 24, 1946.

Went a long way up College St. with Myrna to buy some corn beef, collecting silver paper on the way.

Bought a “Coronet” magazine.  Visited Eva Reider.

Heard radio.



Monday, March 25, 1946.

Got in two fights at school.  Both were unintentional, and none of my fault.  My right hand got hurt and I got a cut on my leg.

Went down-town after school in Amy’s car and had supper with the Wexlers.

Daddy received word from Washington that our sailing date is April 7th.  We are leaving Toronto Wednesday, March 2nd [sic.]


Tuesday, March 26, 1946.

Went to School and suffered numerous insults and torments.  Almost finished making my picture frame in Manual Arts workshop. 

Went downtown with Mummy.  We attempted to get me shoes and gloves, but the shoes were too expensive and they didn’t have my size gloves.

Went to the Wexlers.  I touched a knob on one of the radios which Uncle Amy was repairing, and I must have done something, because Uncle Amy says I broke the radio.

There was a mouse-trap in the Wexlers’ bathroom, and I saw the mouse stick his head out of his hole.


Wednesday, March 27, 1946.

Attended school and tried to keep out of trouble.  Got 100 in spelling.

Went to Billy’s where Mummy was minding the baby while Billy was out with Howard.  Minded the baby a while, and took him for a ride in his carridge.

Read comics.  Heard radio.


Thursday, March 28, 1946.

Attended school. 

It was very hot today.

I think I have a cold.

Read copies of “The Illustrated London News” in the school library.

Uncle Neddy and family are coming here tomorrow.

Played in the park with Myrna.


Friday, March 29, 1946.

Told my teacher at school that Tuesday would be my last day there.

Neddy [my mother’s youngest brother], Dody, and Rickey came today from Ottawa.  Played with Ricky.

Heard the radio.

I still have a cold.

Had a haircut.


Saturday, March 30, 1946.

I am quite over my cold but parents wouldn’t let me go to the movies.

I had a “thrilling” (HA! HA!) afternoon, going to Union Station with Daddy, to get our train tickets, and spending the rest of the afternoon with the Wexlers.

Last night I pulled a small strip of paper from Grandma’s living-room wall (I still can’t explain why I did it)  It was found out and I am in dutch with everyone.

Played with Ricky a little.  Heard radio.


Sunday, March 31, 1946.

We had a big party at Billy’s today.  It started at 3:o’clock and hasn’t ended yet.  (It is about 11:20 now.)  Said goodby to lots of people including the Dancigers, the Lipgots, the Hornicks, and the Graships and the Hershmans.

In saying goodbye to the Steins, they promised that they would send me some comics in England if I wrote to them.  I must remember this.

Received a book called “Bright Paths to Adventure” [by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian journalist] from the Hershmans.

I don’t think it was a very good party.  It wasn’t organized at all.


Monday, April 1, 1946.

Attended school.  Tomorrow will be my last day at school.

Went to Billy’s, where Mummy was minding the baby.  Read comics there.  Said goodbye to Milly Steen, who was visiting Mummy there.  Minded Hughy a little.

Heard Radio.

Said goodbye to Uncle Neddy and his family.  They are going to California soon  I hope I will see them again.


Tuesday, April 2, 1946.

Attended school today, for the last time here.  Almost finished my picture frame, on which I was working in Manual Arts Class.  Brought it home.

Went with Myrna up Colledge St., looking for roller skates for sale because Ann Pifco said she would get us some if we could find them.  But we couldn’t find any.

Bought and read a comic book.


Wednesday, April 3, 1946.

Went downtown with Myrna and the brat (Howard) to see “Road to Utopia.”  Had supper with the Wexlers.

We leave at 8:00 o’clock tomorrow morning.  Had a party at Grandma’s tonight.

Said goodbye to Aunty Rosie and Uncle Joe.  Said Goodbye to the Woolfsons.


Thursday, April 4, 1946.

Left Toronto for New York at 8:00 o’clock A.M. and Reached New York at 8:30 P.M.  Travelled all day. Bought a “Life” magazine.  Had dinner in the diner (Turkey)

We are staying at the “Prince George” hotel.

Said goodeby to Grandma & pa and the Wexlers.


Friday, April 5, 1946.

Went with Daddy all day.  Went to the Cunard lines office.  Went to the burea of internal revenue.  Went to Daddy’s office. Had lunch at the Automat.  Walked down fivth avenue. 

Went to a party at Joe and Cecile Bogat’s apartment.  Stayed up till 1:00 o’clock.





Saturday, April 6, 1946.

Went shopping with Daddy.  Walked about 2 miles.  It was very windy.  Had lunch at Anna Saul’s.  Got a pair of black shoes.  Had supper with Uncle Al, the family & Eva Ian [Ein] who is visiting Mummy.

We went to a vegetarian restaurant.  I didn’t like it at all.

Well, we leave on the Queen Mary tomorrow.


Sunday, April 7, 1946.

Left New York for England on the “Queen Mary.”  Said goodbye to Al Wainberg, the Woolfsons, Eva Eien, and the Bogats & Sauls.

I have waited for 7 years for this day.

Daddy’s camera was stolen (we think) on the boat.  The bottom came out of one of our suitcases, so everything was not hunky doory.

Explored the boat with Myrna.


Monday, April 8, 1946.

The meals on board the boat are delicious.

Played shuffle board.

Parents bought a box of Hershey bars.

Explored the boat some more.

Saw a movie about occupied Japan.

The Earl of Athlone was at the movies.  He is going to England too.  I saw him.


Tuesday, April 9, 1946.

The sea was very rough today.

Had a French lesson.

Bought some postcards and wrote to some friends in Washington.

Played shuffleboard with Daddy and another boy.

Saw “San Antonio” with Myrna and the ships sailors on the promenade deck.  The sailors were very kind and considerate.


Wednesday, April 10, 1946.

Myrna was sick during the night.  I slept till 12:00 o’clock because parents didn’t want to wake me up.  Missed breakfast, of course.

Played games with Daddy.

I broke Myrna’s bunk while fooling with it, but I didn’t tell anyone.  It was found out but no one knows that I did it.

Saw “See My Lawyer” with the sailors on the Promenade deck.


Thursday, April 11, 1946.

Had breakfast in bed.

Mailed my postcards.

Should have had a French lesson but I played around the boat instead.  Played shuffle board with some sailors.

We dock tomorrow night but we don’t get off of the boat untill the next morning.

Saw “Scarlet Street” on the Promenade deck with the sailors.


Friday, April 12, 1946.

Played Shuffle Board.

Played on the boat exploring and examining.

Docked at South Ampton.

Parents put in a phone call to Bournemouth [the nearby coastal resort where my father’s parents and two of his brothers lived and operated a fur business].  Uncle George, Uncle Leonord,  and Grandma Brilliant are coming to meet us when we are allowed off the boat.  [I consistently mis-spelled the name Leonard, but have henceforth corrected it herein.]


Saturday, April 13, 1946.

Landed at Southampton.  We were met by Grandma, Uncle Leonard, George and Mort, & by Aunty Nan.

I didn’t feel well when I got off the boat and the train ride from Southampton to Bournemouth made me so sick that I vomited.  Had only tea to eat all day.

Saw some bomb wreckage in South Ampton.

Grandpa is not well.  He cannot see or hear very well.

Went for a walk along the sea shore.

Uncle Leonard showed some movies of Myrna and me [taken at least 7 years earlier.]

Daddy and I are sleeping at Uncle Leonard’s house.


Sunday, April 14, 1946.

Uncle Mort & Aunty Nan left for London.

Walked along the front.

Had chicken for lunch.

Walked around Bournemouth with Uncle George.  Saw some more bomb wreakage.  The English cars are smaller than the American ones.


Monday, April 15, 1946.

Went to Beales toy shop (Just across the road from Grandma’s) and looked around.  I wouldn’t tell parents where I went (I didn’t want to tell them because I came right up after that, when I was supposed to stay out) so I got beaten and punished.  I got beaten even further because I locked the bathroom door while I was in there and wouldn’t open it.

Went to the library and looked around.


Tuesday, April 16, 1946.

I can now play “Chickery Chick” & “God Save the King” on the piano.  I have been practicing.  [I could just pick out the tunes.  Never learned to play properly.]

Went with Mummy & Myrna to Christchurch on the bus.  We sat in the front ontop.  Had tea there.  Tried to get into the Abbey but it was closed.

Started reading my book “Bright paths to Adventure.”  I like it very much.

Went with family to the City Hall.  We inquired about school and were told which school Myrna and I would go to.  I will go to a different school from her.

Today is the first day of Pesach.  Had a seder.




Wednesday, April 17, 1946.

Almost finished my book.

Visited the Bournemouth Museum.  It was very interesting.

Went to a party at Uncle Leonard’s and Aunty Silvia’s house.

Today is the second day of Pesach.

Met, or should I say remet, Alan Raphael, my Cousin.


Thursday, April 18, 1946.

Finished my book, “Bright Paths to Adventure.”  I liked it so much that it only took me 3 days to read it.

Went with Daddy to the food office to get our ration books.  They are very complicated.

I can now play Dark Eyes (Oh Chichania) on the piano.


Friday, April 19, 1946.

Met Norman King.  He reminds me of Uncle Marsh.  He is sleeping at the same place Daddy & I are sleeping (Uncle Leonard’s house.)  [Actually I think he owned the house.]

Went for a walk along the front.  Saw part of a Punch & Judy show.  Rode up the cliff on the lift.


Saturday, April 20, 1946.

Daddy left for London.  Saw him off on the train.  He will stay with Nan & Mort. 

Bought a story magazine at the station (1 shilling)

Walked along the front.  Saw some German prisoners of war.

Saw “The man in Grey” and “Easy to look at” with Mummy, Myrna, Sylvia & Leonard.  We waited in a long line for a long time. 

When we got home we rang the bell to get in.  We were not heard, so after ringing a lot, we decided to telephone.  After a long wait, Uncle George, who had just come in, answered.  We told him what had happened and he let us in.


Sunday, April 21 1946.

Went for a walk and looked in all the shop windows.

Since Daddy has gone to London, I am now sleeping at Grandma’s [i.e. the house above the fur shop at 226 Old Christchurch Road – “H. Brilliant & Sons, Furriers” -- where Uncle George also lived] in the same room with Mummy & Myrna.

Walked with Myrna & Uncle George all the way to the fourth chine [chines are ravines or fissures in a cliff] and back.  Went over a suspension bridge.

Found a pail.


Monday, April 22, 1946.

Slept late this morning.

Played pencil games with Uncle George on the Zig Zag path bench.

Played in the sand on the beach with Myrna.

Played with my Gyroscope.  Heard radio.


Tuesday, April 23, 1946.

Wrote a letter to Marty April [a classmate at Paul Jr. High] in Washington.  But Mummy wouldn’t give me a stamp so I didn’t mail it.

Went to a crafts exhibition in the city hall.

Played with gyroscope.  Heard radio.


Wednesday, April 24, 1946.

Received a letter from Marty April.  Bought some stamps from Mummy & mailed the letter I wrote yesterday.

I was going to see “The Captive Heart” in the evening but I didn’t want to go to the library to get so she said I couldn’t go.  [Sic]  But Uncle George persuaded me to go later on to the library so Mummy said I could go to the movies.  I went, & enjoyed it.

Watched George, Leonard & Miss Low [their one employee] work in the shop [i.e. the work area behind their fur shop.]


Thursday, April 25, 1946.

It rained almost all day today.

Went to Aunty Sylvia’s with Mummy and Myrna.  Read magazines there.  Had tea and supper there.  Came home to hear the radio.


Friday, April 26, 1946.

Had a haircut.  I was surprised at how little time it took.

Went to the library.  Took out “How to be a Comedian” & “The Croquet Player.”  Read & finished the former.

Had a bath.

A suitcase which we had sent to Daddy in London was opened, and half the things stolen.


Saturday, April 27, 1946.

Finished my library book, “The croquet player.”  I didn’t like it very much.

Went to see a friend of Grandma’s, Mrs. Chester. Had tea there (in Boscomb)

Went to a movie afterwards.  Saw “Swiss Family Robinson,” and “Action in Arabia.”


Sunday, April 28, 1946.

This was one of my baad days.  Mummy was supposed to take Myrna & Me to start us to Sunday School.  I didn’t want to get up.  I was sleepy.  She made me stay in our bedroom all morning.  I was much beaten, and I cried a lot.  I came down in the afternoon, and started reading, “In the Reign of Terror” [a book I found there in the house.]

Went for a walk along the front.


Monday, April 29, 1946.

Walked around Bournemouth, looking in the stores & shops.

Read my book. Went to the library.  Took out “The Wonder book of Wonders” and “The Lair of the bird-men”

Myrna has started to Hebrew School.  Mummy took her yesterday.  Tomorrow, Mummy will take us both to school.


Tuesday, April 30, 1946.

Mummy started Myrna and me to school.  I go to Portchester Rd. school.  I am in form 4.  We take French.

The English boys are a lot more friendly than the American or Canadian boys.  We go to a different school in the afternoon than in the morning.

Mummy started me to Hebrew school.  It is a very small class, but the teacher is nice.  I go on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Almost finished my book “In the reign of terror.”


Wednesday, May 1, 1946.

Had woodshop all afternoon in school today.  Started to make a candle-holder.  Finished my book, “In the Reign of Terror.”  Started reading “In the lair of the Bird-Men”

Made some friends at school.


Thursday, May 2, 1946.

Recieved a letter from Harvey Kaplan, and started to answer it.

Had cricket practice in school.

Went to Aunty Silvia’s.  [The house where Leonard and Sylvia Brilliant were living, and in which I eventually found myself living too, at 31 Ophir Road, was just across the street from my new school.]  Had tea and supper there.

Math is the only subject I am worried about in school.


Friday, May 3, 1946.

Had practical drawing in school.

Read my book “In the lair of the Bird Men.”

Continued answering Harvey Kaplan’s letter.  Finished it and mailed it.

A boy gave me a slingshot.  Played with it, exploring all around.

Took “From Earth to Moon” by Jules Verne out of the school library.


Saturday, May 4, 1946.

Finished my library book “In the lair of the bird-men.”

Went to Hebrew classes at the shul. Most of the children are younger than I.  I didn’t like it.

Went to Poole on the bus with Myrna & Mummy.  Looked in the shops.  Had tea there.

Started reading “From Earth to Moon.”  Went to the library & took out “Men Against Peril” and “Dr. Doolittle on the Moon.”


Sunday, May 5, 1946.

There was no Sunday School today.

Walked along the front with Uncle George.

Finished my book “From Earth to Moon”  Started Reading “Men Against Peril”

Went for a walk with Uncle George & Mummy.  Had tea out.




Monday, May 6, 1946.

Got 100 on a French paper in school.  Had scripture reading in class, (St. John, Christ etc.)

Aunty Silvia brought some English comics from London.  She also brought her younger brother [Lionel Berman] with her.

Read my library book “Men Against Peril.”

I feel very sorry for Uncle George.  He seems very lonely.


Tuesday, May 7, 1946.

Had science class in school today.  Talked with the teacher about the U.S.

Tried for a boxing competition but [got] knocked about a bit & decided to quit.

Loaned out some American comics for 9d [9 pence] & 6 English ones in exchange.  (Myrna got 3d of the 9d because one of the comics was hers.)

Attended shul.

Read comics in bed.


Wednesday, May 8, 1946.

When I woke up I was very stiff.  (I think it was yesterday’s boxing) so I took the bus to & from school.  The teacher made me take P.T. even though I told him.

Had woodshop, & continued making the candlestick holder.

Went after school to Aunty Sylvia’s.  Had tea & played there with Lionel, her little brother.


Thursday, May 9, 1946.

Played cricket in school today.  Got 37 out of 40 in an English test.

Played games with Lionel, who came with Sylvia for tea.  He is pretty cute (and smart too!)

Read Comics.


Friday, May 10, 1946.

Mummy had a talk with my school principal (Mr. Eaton). She found that I was ahead in some subjects, and behind in some (Math  French)

Went to Aunty Sylvia’s with family for tea.  Played with Lionel. 

Read comics.  Had a bath.


Saturday, May 11, 1946.

Went to Hebrew Class at shul.

Bought a plastic bagatelle game (6/3) [6 shillings 3 pence]. Played with it.  I really like it.

Read comics.

Went to the beach in the afternoon.  Had tea there.  Played in the sand.

Heard Radio.


Sunday, May 12, 1946.

Attended Sunday School.

We are going to London on Friday for a Bar-Mitzvah.

Started reading “Dr. Dolittle on the Moon.”

Played in the sand on the beach.

Had tea in the eastcliff café.

Heard some old gramophone records on Grandpas gramophone (Which is still in good condition.)  It took a lot of fuss, and setting up.


Monday, May 13, 1946.

Wrote a composition on the effects of Alcohol in school.

Went to Aunty Sylvia’s.  Had tea there with Mummy.  Played with Lionel.  Read books there.

Heard radio.  We are going to London by train.


Tuesday May 14, 1946.

Got my candy ration for this ration period. (3 4oz bars of Fry’s Quality Chocolate)  The next ration period is in two weeks time.

Played bagatelle.

Attended Hebrew Class.

Had a row with Mummy because I was figuring out how long my chocolate would last me.  (Pretty unfair)


Wednesday, May 15, 1946.

Had woodshop in school.  Cut my finger while planing a piece of wood.

Today is Grandpa’s birthday.  He is eighty.  We had a party for him, but he didn’t seem to appreciate it very much.

My Mother was under the impression that my bagatelle game cost 3/- (when it really cost 6/3)  now she has found out the truth and is angry at me (to say the least)

Mummy and Myrna will probably stay in London after Monday, and I will have to come home alone and go to school.  (Another of the very unfair things which have been happening lately.)


Thursday, May 16, 1946.

Had a haircut.

Finished reading “The Story of Dr. Doolittle on the moon.”

Went to the library to return my books.

We are going to London Tomorrow.  Heard Radio.


Friday, May 17, 1946.

Came to London by train with Mummy and Myrna.  Visited Ray King.  Slept there over night.  Visited Irene Benenson and her family.  Visited Jesse Harris and family.

The London Underground is much nicer than New York’s.

Started reading “True Grit” in Bournemouth.


Saturday, May 18, 1946.

Mummy, Myrna, Ray King, and I went to Paul Arcus’ Barmitzvah.  We walked to the reception in the rain getting our clothes soaked.  Had lunch there.  It was very dull.

Visited Daddy’s aunt Beck and Uncle Louis.  Visited Wally and Anita Norwood.

Slept where Daddy is staying – at the Blacks’


Sunday, May 19, 1946.

Saw Marcus King and his wife and baby.  Saw Mr. and Mrs. Loveguard.  Visited the

Bermans  [the family of my Aunt Sylvia].  Saw Aunty Sylvia’s Mother, her father, and her [older] brother [Dennis]. Had our supper there.

I leave for Bournemouth tomorrow.  Slept at the Blacks’ again.


Monday, May 20, 1946.

Came back to Bournemouth on the train by myself.  Saw Gert Rose at the station.  Left Waterloo at 3:20.  Got into Bournemouth at 6:00  Noone met me because they all thought that I was coming on an earlier train.  Heard radio.


Tuesday, May 21, 1946.

Went back to school.  Went to Aunty Sylvia’s after school and had tea there.

Attended my Hebrew School class.

Almost finished the book I am reading called “True Grit.”


Wednesday, May 22, 1946.

Had woodshop in school today.  Split the piece of wood out of which I was making a candle-stick holder but I will try to glue it.

Got 44 out of 55 in an English test.

Went to Aunty Sylvia’s after school.  Had my tea and supper there.  Played with Lionel.

I have been having headaches all day.

Finished reading “True Grit.”


Thursday, May 23, 1946.

Played cricket at school this afternoon.

Went to Aunty Sylvia’s but she, Lionel, and I came to Grandma’s for tea.

There is nothing to do here at all.  Granpa won’t even let me have the lights on in the evening.

Aunty Sylvia is taking Lionel back to London tomorrow.

Heard Radio (about all there is to do when Granpa will let me have it on)

It makes me angry to think that Myrna is going out visiting every day, not having to go to school, & having lots of fun.


Friday, May 24, 1946.

Went to the Library.  Took out “Making paper toys” and “Dr. Doolittle’s Return.”  Took “Wrong Foot Formost” out of my school library.  Started reading and almost finished it.

I think that Mummy is coming back on Monday.


Saturday, May 25, 1946.

Attended shul.

Finished reading “Wrong Foot Foremost.”  Started reading, and almost finished “Dr. Doolittle’s Return”  Made some paper toys.

Went with Uncle George in the evening to see “The Spiral Staircase” and “People are Funny”


Sunday, May 26, 1946.

Attended Shul.

Finished reading “Dr. Dolittle’s Return”

Made paper toys from my book “Paper Toy Making”  Also copied some plans so that I wouldn’t forget how to make them.

Played “Hangman” with Uncle George.

Mummy and Myrna are coming from London on the train tomorrow.


Monday, May 27, 1946.

Wrote a funny composition called “How to Swim” in English class at school.

We had Algebra in Math.  I don’t understand it at all since I have never taken it before.

Mummy and Myrna came back from London.

Went to the Library.  Took out “Trooper Useless,” “Larky Legends,” and “Professor Branestorm’s Treasure Hunt.”  Started reading “Trooper Useless.”


Tuesday, May 28, 1946.

Attended my Hebrew School class.

Continued reading “Trooper Useless.”  Heard Radio.

It rained heavily in the morning but the weather got clear and sunny in the afternoon.

Did school homework.


Wednesday, May 29, 1946.

Had woodshop in school all the afternoon.  Glued my peice of the candle-stick holder which I split last week.

Finished reading “Trooper Useless.”  Started reading “Larky Legends.”

Read on the front.


Thursday, May 30, 1946.

Had a sports day at School today.  We went to Winton Recreation Ground in the afternoon for the sports.

Almost finished reading “Larky Legends.”  Heard radio.

We are going to London by bus on June 7th for Phyllis Harris’ wedding.


Friday, May 31, 1946.

Took “The King’s Legacy” [out] of the school Library.

Started reading “Proffessor Branestorm’s Treasure Hunt.”  Finished reading “Larky Legends”

There was some excitement this morning over Grandpa in a temper broke a cup of tea.

I wish we would move.


Saturday, June 1, 1946.

Missed Shul because I was so sleepy.  Bought some peanut butter.

Went looking for a birthday gift for Daddy but I couldn’t find anything.

Went with Mummy & Myrna to see “Wanted for Murder” and “Tars and Spars.”

It rained most of the day.


Sunday, June 2, 1946.

Attended Sunday School classes at shul.

Had tea at the “Pavillion” with some of Mummy’s friends.

Made a funny birthday card for Daddy.

Walked along the front with Mummy and Myrna.

Life here is getting worse and worse every day.


Monday, June 3, 1946.

Started reading “The Kings Legacy”  Finished reading “Professor Branestorm’s Treasure Hunt.”  Went to the Library.  Took out “Gub Gub’s Book” and “Dr. Doolittles Caravan”

Wrote a composition  on “My Earliest Recollections” in English class at school.

Heard radio.


Tuesday, June 4, 1946.

Saw a boxing tournement in school this morning.

Got the cane this afternoon for talking in the lines.  I got one on each hand but it didn’t hurt much.  I didn’t tell anyone about it.

Made a cardboard periscope so that I will be able to see the parade in London on Victory Day (June 8th)


Wednesday, June 5, 1946.

Today is Shovuos.

Had a haircut.

Didn’t go to school today.

Finished reading “The King’s Legacy.”

Started reading and finished “Gub Gub’s Book”  Started reading “Dr. Doolittle’s Caravan.”

Went with Mummy & Myrna to Aunty Sylvia’s.  Had tea and supper there.


Thursday, June 6, 1946.

Bought a desk thermometer for Daddy’s birthday present.  (15/-)  I paid 5/ for it & Mummy paid the rest.

Continued reading “Dr. Dolittle’s Caravan”

Played ball with Myrna.  Played on Horseshoe Common.

Had a bath.

We are going to London by bus tomorrow.


Friday, June 7, 1946.

Finished reading “Dr. Dolittle’s Caravan”

Came by bus to London with Mummy & Myrna.  We are staying at the Harris’ house.  Phylis Harris’s wedding is on Monday.

Gave Daddy his thermometer birthday gift.

Tomorrow is Victory day.  The whole city is decorated.

Got a letter from Marty April in Washington.


Saturday, June 8, 1946.

Went with family to see the mechanized part of the Victory parade.  We waited for about 2 hrs but we had good places.  We saw general Montgomery and General de Gaulle*

Went to the Bermans’ where the whole Brilliant family were gathered.  Had lunch and tea there.

It rained most of the day although the papers forecast fine weather.

*I made a mistake.  It wasn’t De Gaulle.


Sunday, June 9, 1946.

This is the day before Phyllis Harris’ Wedding.

Went to the Kings’ house.  We had tea and supper there.

Met Harold and Mildred Harris, my cousins.

Today wasn’t very exciting all in all.


Monday, June 10, 1946.

Went to see Phyllis Harris’ wedding to Jimmy Gould at Hendon Synagogue.  It lasted from about 5:00 o’clock to about 10:30.

They did not have a dinner but just little things such as tea and cakes.  It seems to me that wedding receptions are an awful waste of time and money.  It was not very exciting.  All the people did was eat talk, and dance.

Wrote a letter to Marty April in Washington.


Tuesday, June 11, 1946.

It rained almost all day.

Visited Minnie Gilman.  Had tea with her.  Saw the front of our house on Kendall Rd.  [At this point we still owned 47 Kendal Rd. in Willesden, but it had been “requisitioned” during the war, while we were away, and another family was living in it.]

Visited Kitty Jacobs.  Had supper there.  Saw her retarded son, Irving.

We are going back to Bournemouth on Sunday.


Wednesday, June 12, 1946.

Visited Gert Abrahams, her husband [Henry] who was in the army in India, and her little boy Tony.  Had our tea and supper there.  Played with Tony.  Henry gave me some Japanese money and a photograph of a Jap Zero taken in India.

Saw a lot of bomb damage in the east end.


Thursday, June 13, 1946.

Today was a very busy day.  Went with Mummy & Daddy to see some of the furniture from our own home which was stored away.  It is all in terrible condition.

Went to see Cousin Mildred and her mother.  had lunch with them.

Went to the heart of London on the bus.

Went to a restaurant and had a steak dinner.

Visited the Bermans.




Friday, June 14, 1946.

Went to the Kennedys’ house in Isleworth.  Played with Adrian and his air rifle.  I will stay here with the family today and tomorrow.

Went with Adrian to the cinema.  Saw “On the Carpet” and “Smooth as Silk.”


Saturday, June 15, 1946.

Slept late this morning.

Went with Adrian Kennedy to see “Madame Tussauds” waxworks.  Liked it a lot.  Also went to see the “Chamber of Horrors.”  [This was a separate part of the waxworks.] 

We are leaving London by bus tomorrow afternoon.

Read comics.


Sunday, June 16, 1946.

Slept late again this morning.

Said good bye to the Kennedys and came on the train by myself from Isleworth to Waterloo where I was met by Daddy.

Mummy, Myrna and left on the 2:45 bus for Bournemouth.  Stopped for tea at Winchester.  It rained almost all the time.  Got into Bournemouth about 7:40.

Played Bagatelle with Myrna.


Monday, June 17, 1946.

Didn’t sleep well last night.

We are moving away finally from this terrible place.  Mummy had a row with Grandpa this morning.  Mummy asked Aunty Sylvia if we could stay at her place and she said that we could.  We will probably move in during the weekend.

Had tea at Aunty Sylvia’s.

Saw “Bedelia” and “Johnny Comes Flying Home” with Mummy and Myrna.

School begins on Wednesday.  Went to the library.  Took out “The School Wins” and “For the Glory of the Legion.”


Tuesday, June 18, 1946.

Finished reading “The School Wins.”  Started “For the Glory of the Legion.”

Got my candy ration for the month – 2 bars Fry’s Quality Chocolate and two bars of Cadbury’s assorted centers.

School starts again tomorrow.

Wrote a “thank you” note to the Kennedys.


Wednesday, June 19, 1946.

Went back to school again.

Drew up plans for an ink pot holder in woodwork class.

After school went with Myer (a school friend) to his hotel-house [i.e. his parents owned the hotel where they lived] for tea there.  Played cricket with him and broke a window.

Walked with Uncle George along the front in the evening.




Thursday, June 20, 1946.

When I woke up the muscles in my legs hurt.  While I was running to catch a bus I sprained my left leg & could hardly walk.  Because of this I stayed home from school in the afternoon.  Stayed up in our room & tryed to amuse myself.  It rained most of the day.

In the evening when I felt better, Mummy, Myrna & I went for a walk along the front.  Myrna and I ran out onto the beach to watch some fishermen pulling in their nets.  Mummy was angry at this and when we got home she took a chocolate bar from each of us.

Finished reading “For the Glory of the Legion.”


Friday, June 21, 1946.

Went back to school.

After school went for a walk along Old Christchurch Rd.  Bought a rubber ball for Myrna and me to play with.

Made a cricket bat out of some wood I found using my knife as a tool.

Went to Aunty Sylvia’s to see some friends of  Mummy’s who were there.

Started Reading “Mary Poppins Opens the Door”

Took “Too Big For the Fifth” out of the school library.


Saturday, June 22, 1946.

Attended shul.

Played cricket with Myrna on the Common.  It was very hot most of the day.

Played in the sand on the beach

Started getting my allowance.  (A half crown [2 ½ shillings] a week.)

Walked along the front in the evening.


Sunday, June 23, 1946.

Finished Reading “Mary Poppins Opens the Door.”  Started reading “Too Big for the Fifth.”  Played ball with Myrna outside.

Stayed inside all afternoon.

Today is Grandparent’s 55th wedding anniversary.

Heard some old records on the phonograph.

We are moving to Uncle Leonard’s house tomorrow.  (Thank Goodness)


Monday, June 24, 1946.

We moved today from Grandparents’ place to live with Aunty Sylvia and Uncle Leonard.

My school (Portchester Rd. Boys’ secondary school) is just across the road.

I have a room to myself.

Played with my gyroscope.

Played ball in the school yard.


Tuesday, June 25, 1946.

Found a rubber ball.

Attended Hebrew school.

Went to lthe Library.  Took out “They Knew Too Much” and “Dave Dawson at Dunkirk.”  Continued reading “Too Big for the Fifth.”


Wednesday, June 26, 1946.

Finished reading “Too Big for the Fifth.”  Started reading “Dave Dawson at Dunkirk.”

Played ball with Myrna in the school yard.

Had woodshop class at school today.


Thursday, June 27, 1946.

Played Cricket at school.

Finished reading “Dave Dawson at Dunkirk.”  Started reading “They Knew Too Much.”
Played with my Gyroscope.

Got a letter from Harvey Kaplan in Washington.

Heard radio.


Friday, June 28, 1946.

Aunty Sylvia gave me a book called “The game of cricket.”

Played in the school yard.

Finished reading “They Knew Too Much.”

Got a postcard from Paul Hermberg [a Jr. High classmate] in Washington.

Took a book called “An Omnibus For Boys” out of the school library.


Saturday, June 29, 1946.

Attended Shul.

Started reading “An Omnibus for Boys”

Daddy came to Bournemouth on a 4-day holiday to-day.

Went to the Library.  Took out “The Wandering Whipsnaders” and “A Name Dishonoured.”


Sunday, June 30, 1946.

Attended Sunday School.

Went in the car [I think this was an Armstrong-Siddely originally owned by my Grandfather, probably kept in storage during the war] to Corfe Castle with family, Uncles Leonard and George, and Aunty Sylvia.  Examined all over the ruins.  Uncle Leonard took a photograph of us.

Heard on the radio the atomic bomb experiment, but it had a lot of static and could not be hardly heard at all.  [This was the first of a series of post-war atomic tests at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific.]

Cousin Sylvia Harris came from London for 2 hours to see us.


Monday, July 1, 1946.

Daddy and Mummy came to school for a talk with the head master.

Most of the day was very hot and sunny.

Saw some movies from a national savings mobile cinema (a propaganda film and a cartoon.)

Heard radio.

Two trunks [which had been shipped from Washington] came from our London storage. 


Tuesday, July 2, 1946.

From the trunks which came yesterday, I got my tennis racket and baseball bat, my dart board (no darts) checkers & board, Game of  “Be an Airman,” and my “Blitz” and “Monopoly” boards.

Attended Hebrew school classes.

Went down to the beach with Mummy, Myrna, Uncles George & Leonard, and Aunty Sylvia.  Swam and played in the water.  (I got my [swimming] trunks from the cases which came yesterday.)  Ate supper on the beach.

Played games with Myrna and Uncle George.

It was very sunny and hot all the day today.

Daddy went back to London.


Wednesday, July 3, 1946.

There was no school because today is sports day.

Had a haircut.

Played in the school yard.

Went with Myrna to see “Sentimental Journey” and “An Angel Comes to Brooklyn.”

Played “Be an Airman” with Myrna.


Thursday, July 4, 1946.

Made a safety poster in Art class at school using my slogan “Be a Wreckless Driver.”

Played Cricket in the afternoon.

Heard radio.

Continued reading “An Omnibus for Boys.”


Friday, July 5, 1946.

Made an alarm in my room for Mummy to ring to make me get up in the morning.

Uncle Leonard installed a lamp beside my bed.

Played in the school yard.

Heard the radio.


Saturday, July 6, 1946.

Had a row with Mummy because she wouldn’t let me get my candy ration.  She says that I should eat more of it.  I think that it was a dirty, rotten thing to do.

Attended shul.

Went to the beach and stayed there all afternoon.  Didn’t go in the water very much because it was too cold.

Heard radio.


Sunday, July 7, 1946.

Attended shul.

Finished reading “An Omnibus for Boys”.  Started reading “The Wandering Whipsnaders.”  Read in the garden all the afternoon.

In the evening we had a big party to which lots of people were invited.  Most of them were strangers to me.


Monday, July 8, 1946.

Had examinations in French, Mathematics and English comprehension at school today.

Played ball in the school yard.

Heard the radio.

Continued reading “The Wandering Whipsnaders.”


Tuesday, July 9, 1946.

Had examinations in Geography, Algebra, History and Science at school.  I got 63 out of 100 in yesterday’s French examination.  40 was the passing mark.

Attended Hebrew school.

Bought a small metal construction set.  It cost 3/--

Played outside.


Wednesday, July 10, 1946.

Had examinations in Composition (I wrote on “My Unlucky Day”) and woodwork.

I got 77 in the English Comprehension examination, the highest in the class.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to a carnival, but it wasn’t very good, and we didn’t do anything.

Aunty Sylvia went to London, and brought me back a whipping top.


Thursday, July 11, 1946.

Had an examination in mechanical [illegible] at school.

Finished reading “The Wandering Whipsnaders.”  Started reading “A Name Dishonoured”

Played with my construction set.

Heard radio.


Friday, July 12, 1946.

Finished reading “A Name Dishonoured”

Got 74 in the History examination at school – the highest in the class again.

Daddy came from London for the weekend.

Aunty Sylvia bought me a comic.


Saturday, July 13, 1946.

Missed shul.

Went to the library.  Took out “A Second Omnibus of War Adventures.”

Played with my meccano set

Read comics.

Went with the family to see “Dragonwyk.”  Stayed up late.


Sunday, July 14, 1946.

Attended Sunday School classes.

Started reading “The Second Omnibus of war Adventures.”

Uncle Leonard took some photographs of us in the garden.

Walked along the beach front with family and Grandma & Granpa.

Played with Myrna.   Heard radio.


Monday, July 15, 1946.

At school I was one of those picked to compete for a town hall essay competition.  We had to write a preliminary essay on “How Childhood is a preparation for adult citizenship.”

Daddy left to return to London.


Tuesday, July 16, 1946.

Got 85 in the science examination at school, the second highest in the class. (The highest was 87.)

Wrote on “School as a preparation for future citizenship” for the town hall essay contest.

Played with meccano.

Played ball outside.


Wednesday, July 17, 1946.

Continued working on my candel-stick holder at school.

Mummy came and talked to my headmaster.  A teacher is going to come here every Monday at 5:00 oclock to coach me in mathematics.

Played ball outside.

Read book.


Thursday, July 18, 1946.

Daddy phoned last night about buying a house in London, and Mummy had to go to London to see about it.

I got 85 in the composition exam at school, the highest in the class.  (The next highest was 80)

Played cricket at Winton recreation grounds in the afternoon.

Played ball with Leonard Bounter, a boy who is in my class at school and who lives on the other side of the school.


Friday, July 19, 1946.

In the arithmetic tests at school I got:

Subject      Mark      Highest mark      Place

Problems     50              83                     12th

Mechanical  65             86                       4th

Geography   68             88                       8th


I came 6th in the class.

There was a half-day holiday from school.

Mummy is still in London.  She phoned and said that the house she had gone to look at was no good.

Finished reading “A second Omnibus of war adventures.”





Saturday, July 20, 1946.

Attended shul.

Played with my metal construction set.  Uncle Leonard helped me to make some things with it.

Went with Myrna, Aunty Sylvia, and Uncle Leonard to see “A Woman’s Face” and “The Hoodlum Saint.”

I think that Mummy will be back from London by tomorrow.


Sunday, July 21, 1946.

Attended Sunday School.  There were no lessons.  We heard and discussed plans for a Sunday School picnic at Lynhurst next Sunday.

Played with metal construction set.

Went with Myrna, Aunty Sylvia, and Uncle Leonard to Sandbanks on the bus for tea.

Mummy came home from London at about 11:00 o’clock P.M.  She brought me a metal puzzle set.


Monday, July 22, 1946.

Had my first home arithmetic lesson. (See July 17th)  My teacher’s name is Mr. Pope.  He started teaching me square root.

At school my head master told me and other pupils who are going in the School Certificate class that I am better in English than anyone else in the school and that “noone could touch” me.

Played with my 6 metal puzzles.  I can do all but one.

Heard radio.


Tuesday, July 23, 1946.

Took my metal puzzles to school.  Everyone liked and wanted to try them.

Attended my Hebrew School classes.

Started looking around for Parents’ anniversary gifts.

Myrna came 26th in her class – a disgrace.

Aunty Sylvia bought us some comics.


Wednesday, July 24, 1946.

Saw boxing and cricket at school today.

Read comics.

Walked along the front with Mummy and Myrna.  Saw a Punch and Judy show.

Did my arithmetic homework.

There are only two more days of school and then there are 6 weeks vacation.


Thursday, July 25, 1946.

Got my report at school.  My best subjects were English, History and Science.  On the whole I did very well. “Very satisfactory work.”  “In English is much above average.”

Had my second home arithmetic lesson, this time in algebra.

Saw another cricket game at school.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to visit Mrs. Chester.


Friday, July 26, 1946.

Today was the last day of school.  Only went in the morning.

Played in the school yard to which I have been given the freedom by the school janitor

Found a solid rubber ball.

Went with Mummy & Myrna to the King’s Park playground, where we went on all the things and played ball.

Had a bath.


Saturday, July 27, 1946.

Attended Shul.

Went with Mummy & Myrna to see “Shanghi Cobra” and “A Quiet Weekend.”

Went to a party at Mrs. Brand’s apartment.

Played ball with Myrna.

Played with Meccano.


Sunday, July 28, 1946.

Went on a Sunday School Picnic to Lyndhurst.  Although I won 8d [8 pence] and got a bag of cherries, I didn’t enjoy it much.  We went in special hired charabanks [motor coaches].  There was not much variety.  All there was was races.  I came in first in the 100 yds. Race (6d Prize), and 3rd in the sack race (2d Prize)

Started reading “Tales of Space and Time” by H.G. Wells.


Monday, July 29, 1946.

Had my 3rd home arithmetic lesson, this time in algebra.

Went with Myrna to see Walt Disney’s “Make Mine Music” and “It Shouldn’t happen to a dog”

Played ball with Myrna.

I am going to London on Thursday with Mummy and Myrna.


Tuesday, July 30, 1946.

Played ball by myself in the school yard.

Finished reading “Tales of Space and Time” by H.G. Wells.

Attended Hebrew School.

The Silvermans came to visit us in the evening.

Had a haircut.


Wednesday, July 31, 1946.

Slept late in the morning.

Played ball with Myrna.

Went with Myrna to Kings Park.  Played cricket with some people there.

Played in the playground.

We are leaving for London tomorrow.  We are going in the car with Aunty Sylvia and Uncle Leonard.




Thursday August 1, 1946.

Came with Mummy, Myrna, Aunty Sylvia, and Uncle Leonard in the car from Bournemouth to London.  We left about 7:00 o’clock P.M. and got to London by about 11:00 P.M.  Our family including Daddy are going to stay at the Bermans’ house [in Golders Green] while they are visiting Bournemouth.

Grandma gave Myrna and I 5 shillings each.

I slept at the Bermans’ because they haven’t moved out yet and Mummy & Myrna are staying with the Kings where there isn’t enough room for me.

We are all moving in tomorrow.


Friday, August 2, 1946.

Mummy, Myrna and Daddy moved into the Bermans’ house and the Bermans went with Sylvia & Leonard to Bournemouth in the car.

Read comics.

Uncle Leonard gave Myrna and I a pound each.

Played the victrola [record-player].

Read magazines.


Saturday, August 3, 1946.

Read magazines.

Played with the kittens.

Myrna and I built a tent in the garden.

Went to Ray King’s on the bus to do a message for Mummy.

Walked with family in the park and saw a show at a bandstand.


Sunday, August 4, 1946.

Played in the garden.

Went with family to Uncle Lou’s and Aunt Kate’s golden wedding anniversary celebration.

Heard some speakers in Hyde Park.

Ate out at a Lyon’s cornerhouse.

Saw some old movies at a party that Noama Berman [Sylvia’s sister] held in the evening.


Monday, August 5, 1946.

Played in the garden.

Went with family to Hampstead Heath but we didn’t do anything there.  It was very crowded since today is August Bank Holiday.  Mummy and Daddy are angry with me because I didn’t want to spend anything there.


Tuesday, August 6, 1946.

Played in the garden.

Gert Rose and [her son] Tony came to visit us and had lunch here.

Played Records on the gramophone.

Ruth Bush and Micky, her husband came to visit us in the evening.

Played with the kittens.

Made a better tent in the garden with Myrna.


Wednesday, August 7, 1946.

Went to the West End with Mummy. Had lunch at Lyons.

Saw “Caesar and Cleopatra” by myself because it cost 4/6 and Mummy said that it was too expensive so I paid for myself.

Visited the Harrises with the family.


Thursday, August 8, 1946.

Played inside.

Visited the Benensons in the afternoon with Mummy and Myrna.  We had tea there.

Heard some gramophone records.

Played with the cats.


Friday, August 9. 1946.

Stayed at home most of the day.  Played with Myrna in the garden.

Went with Myrna to the Golders Hill park putting green and played a game.  I beat Myrna.  The score was 76 to 99.

Had a bath.


Saturday, August 10, 1946.

Another one of those “didn’t-do-much” days.

It rained a lot in the morning and early afternoon.

Read comics.

Daddy is ill.  He is coughing and wheezing all the time.  [He was a chronic Asthmatic].

Went with Mummy and Daddy to visit the Kings where we had tea and supper.

When we return to Bournemouth (Probably on next Tuesday or Wednesday) Daddy is coming with us.


Sunday, August 11, 1946.

Went to the park with Myrna.

Marcus, Sadie, and “Bubbles” King came to see us for a few minutes.

Visited the Roses with the family.  We had tea and supper there.


Monday, August 12, 1946.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to the food office to change some B.U.s (Bread rationing units) into some points.

Dennis and Lionel Berman came back from Bournemouth, but they are leaving again, tomorrow.

Went with Myrna and Dennis to see “Cluny Brown” and “Just before Dawn”


Tuesday, August 13, 1946.

When I woke up I didn’t feel well.  I had a terrible headache.  I went back to bed but couldn’t go to sleep.  Stayed in most of the day.  Didn’t eat hardly anything.

In the evening when I felt better I went with Daddy and Myrna to the putting green in the park.  The score was:  Daddy 70 – Me 75 – Myrna 87.


Wednesday, August 14, 1946

One year of peace today.  [It was a year since Japan surrendered.]

Felt a little better in the morning.

Went with Mummy, Myrna, and Mrs. King to look at a house & see if we could rent it, but no soap.

Went to the putting green in the park with Myrna and played 3 games.  Score – first game:  Myrna 81, Me 61 – Second game:  Myrna 88  Me 58  -- Third game – Myrna 84, Me 67.


Thursday, August 15, 1946.

Visited the Gilmans with Mummy and Myrna.  Saw Gerald, Dennis, and Joy Gilman.

Visited Kitty Jacobs.

Mummy found out that our case for our house doesn’t come to court till October 30th, so it looks like if I have a bar-mitzvah, it will be in Bournemouth.

Heard radio.

Got a postcard from Harvey Kaplan [Washington friend] in California.


Friday, August 16, 1946.

Helped Mummy in the housework, (Mixing, peeling and drying)

Went to the park and saw a children’s entertainment which wasn’t very good.

Went to the putting green and made 64 and 63.

We are going back to Bournemouth with Aunt Sadie and Uncle Alf in their car tomorrow.


Saturday, August 17, 1946.

Came from London to Bournemouth with Mummy, Myrna, Aunt Sadie and Uncle Alf in the latter’s car.

Aunt Sadie & Uncle Alf are staying at Sylvia’s tonight.


Sunday, August 18, 1946.

Went with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles George, Alf & Leonard and Aunts Sadie and Sylvia & the family in the two cars to Badbury rings [a prehistoric hill fort] and around the countryside.

We all had lunch and supper at Aunty Sylvia’s.


Monday, August 19, 1946.

Aunt Sadie & Uncle Alf left.

Played ball in the school yard.

Bought Parents’ anniversary gift, a tray which holds toast butter and jam (27/6)  Myrna and I payed 13/9 each for it.  Smuggled it into the house and hid it away.  What happened was this – I had to be at Grandma’s for tea with the family, so I went on the pretext of going to the library to the shop and bought the gift.  Then I came back by bus to the house which was empty, and hid the gift outside.  Then I went back to Grandma’s.  Afterwards when we came home I brought the gift inside and hid it.

Took “The Hon. Master Jinks” out of the library.



Tuesday, August 20, 1946.

Went with Daddy on the front with Grandpa.  Read and finished “The Hon. Master Jinx”

Went with family to see “One More Tomorrow” and “Black Market Babies.”

Started reading some old “Gem” comics that Uncle Leonard has.


Wednesday, August 21, 1946.

Continued reading old “Gem” comics.

Did my maths homework which Mr. Pope has so generously given me.  I had forgotten how to do it & think I got it all wrong.  Mr. Pope is coming on Monday.

Went on the front with Daddy & Myrna and just sat the afternoon away.


Thursday, August 22, 1946.

Accompanied Mummy to the dentist with Myrna.  The dentist looked at my teeth.  I have an appointment to go a week from tomorrow.

Continued reading old “Gem” Comics.  I like them a lot.

Took “The Wind on the Moon” and “The Worlds Wonders” out of the library.


Friday, August 23, 1946

Started reading “The Wind On the Moon.”  Almost finished reading it.  Finished reading the old “Gem” comics.  Read in the garden all afternoon.

Aunty Sylvia gave me some money to buy some comics.  Bought a “Hotspur” and a “Mickey Mouse”

Noama Berman and one of her girlfriends came to Bournemouth.  Noama is staying with us.


Saturday, August 24 1946.

Went to shul.

Brahm Chester, his wife and children came for tea.  Played card game with his 9 yr. old twin boys.

Went with family to see the circus in King’s Park, but it was too crowded so we booked seats for Monday night.

Looked around the amusements.  Saw some boxing and went on the Dodgem.

Finished reading “The Wind on The Moon”


Sunday, August 25, 1946.

Went on the beach & the front in the morning & afternoon.  Played ball there.  Started making an anniversary card for parents.

The Ashfields, Grandparents & Uncle George came to visit us in the evening.

We go to the circus tomorrow evening.


Monday, August 26, 1946.

Went on the beach in the afternoon.  Built a large castle.  Had lunch on the beach.

Had another arithmetic lesson with Mr. Pope.

Went to see “Billy Smart’s Circus” with Daddy, Myrna, Ginger and Ginger’s friend.  Enjoyed it a lot.


Tuesday, August 27, 1946.

Went on the beach again.  (This is getting monotonous).  I didn’t want to eat lunch which consisted of lettuce & salmon sandwiches, so I didn’t have it, but I had it later on.

Went with Uncle George & Myrna to see “Gilda”

Tomorrow is parents’ wedding anniversary.


Wednesday, August 28, 1946.

Today is parents’ wedding anniversary.  Gave them their gift.  I think they like it.

Read comics.

Had another arithmetic lesson with Mr. Pope.

Played with Myrna.

Stayed indoors all day.


Thursday, August 29. 1946.

Went to the library.  Took out “Pony Boy” and “The Flying Classroom.”

Went with Myrna to see Hampshire play Yorkshire in the County Cricket Festival at Dean Park.

Started reading “Pony Boy.”

Played cards with Myrna.


Friday, August 30, 1946.

Went to the dentist & had my teeth fixed.

Went with Daddy to the putting green in the Central Pleasure Gardens.  I scored 60 – Daddy 55.

Met some distant cousins at Grandma’s where we had tea.

Heard Grandpa play his old violin.

Continued reading “Pony Boy.”


Saturday, August 31, 1946.

Went to shul.  Daddy made some arrangements for me to have bar mitzvah lessons from Mr. Hyams.

Played cards with Myrna.

Went with the family to see “Candlelight In Algeria”  and “Journey Together.”


Sunday, September 1, 1946.

Attended Shul.

Daddy went back to London.

Did Homework.  Walked to the pier with Mummy and Myrna.

Had tea at Grandma’s  Continued reading “Pony Boy”


Monday, September 2, 1946.

Had another arithmetic lesson with Mr. Pope.  The next one, on Wednesday is the last one.

Dennis Berman and Ginger came here from London.

Walked with Mummy & Myrna to the pier.  Got a tin bank.

Had my first Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams


Tuesday, September 3, 1946.

Anniversary of declaration of war [in 1939.]

Continued reading “Pony Boy”

Attended Hebrew Classes

Did home-work.

Mr. & Mrs Goldberg came in the evening.

Built houses of cards.

It rained almost all day.


Wednesday, September 4, 1946

Had my last arithmetic lesson with Mr. Pope.

Went by myself to see “The Charge of the Light Brigade” and “Blonde From Brooklyn.”

Had another Bar Mitzvah class with Mr. Hyams.


Thursday, September 5, 1946.

Had a haircut.

Went on the beach but didn’t go in the water.

Played with my mechano set.

Had a bath.  Almost finished reading my book “Pony Boy”


Friday, September 6, 1946.

Finished reading “Pony Boy”  Read and finished “The Flying Classroom”

Played checkers with Dennis Berman and also played outside with him.  Went with him to see a water Polo match but it was full up so we walked along the front.

Mummy went to London.


Saturday, September 7, 1946.

Attended shul.

Went with Myrna to see “Henry the Fivth”  didn’t like it very much.

Dennis Berman went back to London.

Played with Meccano.  Made a lot of things.  Played with cards.


Sunday, September 8, 1946.

Attended shul.

Went in the car to Sandbanks with Uncles Leonard and George, Noama Berman, her friend Hetty and Aunty Sylvia and Grandpa.

Noama Berman went back to London.

Mummy may come back from London tonight.

Played with meccanno.


Monday, September 9, 1946.

Went to the Library.  Took out “Miggs Minor” and “More Thrills with the Paratroops.”

Bought suplementary units “A” and “B” (3/6) for my “Trix” Metal construction set.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Mummy came back last night. School starts tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 10, 1946.

School started today.  I am in form 5a. (school certificate 1st year).

A lot of new kids in my class.

A fat funny French Master.

Attended Hebrew School.

Played with meccanno.

Heard radio.


Wednesday, September 11, 1946.

Finished readed “Miggs Minor”

Started reading “More Thrills with the Paratroops”

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Heard radio.

Played with meccano.


Thursday, September 12, 1946.

Had woodwork at school this morning.  Got Some homework and did it.

Played in the school yard with Myrna.

Played with meccano.

Heard Radio.

I know most of my Bar Mitzvah Parsha [the Bible passage I would have to chant in Hebrew] by now.


Friday, September 13, 1946.

Had physics at school.

Did Homework.

Played by myself in the school.

Went on a message for Aunty Sylvia.

Heard radio.

Played with meccano.

Continued reading “More thrills with the Paratroops.”


Saturday, September 14, 1946.

Attended shul.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to see “Picadilly Incident”

Looked around the shops for an anniversary gift for Aunty Sylvia and Uncle Leonard (their anniversary is on Oct. 7)

Heard radio.


Sunday, September 15, 1946.

Attended Sunday classes at shul.

Went with Mummy and Myrna walking along the front.  Played ball in the central gardens.

Finished reading “More Thrills with the Paratroops.”

Made a pencil box for myself.  Heard radio.


Monday, September 16, 1946.

Did Homework.

Got a ruler (10 d.!) and a compass (1/6) to put in my pencil box.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Went to the Library.  Took out “The March of Time”


Tuesday, September 17, 1946.

At school we had games.  Went to Winton Recreation grounds to play football.

Started reading “The March of Time”

Attended Hebrew School classes.

We had a party.  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles George & Alf (who is in Bournemouth on a holiday) came.


Wednesday, September 18, 1946.

Wrote a composition in school called “Lost in a Cavern”  It was seven pages long.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

It rained most of the day.

Continued reading “The March of Time.”


Thursday, September 19, 1946.

Had woodwork in school all morning.

It rained again most of the day.

Am still reading “The March of Time”

Heard Radio’

Aunty Sylvia went into the hospital for an examination.


Friday, September 20, 1946.

A very rainy day.

Did homework.

Mr. and Mrs. Berman came to Bournemouth from London.  They are staying with us.

Heard radio.

Still reading “The March of Time”


Saturday, September 21, 1946.

Attended shul.

Finished reading “The March of Time”

Went with Myrna to see “Three Wise Fools” and “Swing Parade of 1946”

Daddy is coming to Bournemouth next Wednesday.


Sunday, September 22, 1946.

Attended Sunday School classes.

Played with meccano.

Visited Aunty Sylvia in Boscombe Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Berman went back to London.

Heard Radio.


Monday, September 23, 1946.

Did homework.

Bought some more “A” and “B” units to add to my meccano (3/1)

Went to the library.  Took out “Swallows and Amazons” and “Looking for Trouble.”

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.


Tuesday, September 24, 1946.

Had a haircut.

Attended Hebrew classes.

Heard radio.

Played with meccanno.

Daddy is coming from London tomorrow.

Did homework.


Wednesday, September 25, 1946.

Got 8 out of 10 in my composition at school.

I have a cold and have been sniffing and sneezing all day.

Daddy came from London at 7 o’clock P.M.

Today is the Rosh Hashona (Jewish New Year).


Thursday, September 26, 1946.

Stayed indoors all day.

I still have a cold.

Am still reading “Looking For Trouble.”

Played with meccano.

Heard radio.

Played with Myrna.


Friday, September 27, 1946.

Went to shul.

Played with meccano.

Mrs. Berman came from London again to see Aunty Sylvia.

A pretty dull day.

Nice weather for a change.

Am almost over my cold.


Saturday, September 28, 1946.

Attended shul.

Played with meccanno.

Very hot and sunny all day today.

Uncle Mort & Aunty Nan came from London.

Went to see Aunty Sylvia in the hospital.




Sunday, September 29, 1946.

No Sunday school today.

Walked with Daddy along the front.

Saw Daddy and Mrs. Berman off on the train.

The weather was fine in the morning but it got dull and rained in the afternoon.


Monday, September 30, 1946.

Went back to school.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

I am going to get a fretwork [ornamental wood-sawing] set from Daddy.

Did homework.

Finished reading “Looking For Trouble.”


Tuesday, October 1, 1946.

Mr. Berman came from London to see Aunty Sylvia.  Tomorrow one of Aunty Sylvia’s cousins is coming.  It is getting monotonous.

Got my fretwork set (25/-)

Attended Hebrew lessons

Did Homework


Wednesday, October 2, 1946.

One of Aunty Sylvia’s cousins came & went back to London.

Examined my new fretwork set.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Played in the school yard.


Thursday, October 3, 1946.

Played in the school yad.

Had woodwork at school today.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to the movies.  Saw “Two Smart People” and “Jesse James”


Friday, October 4, 1946.

Aunty Sylvia & Uncle Leonard’s wedding anniversary is on Monday, Oct. 4th [sic]  Bought them a gift which Mummy suggested, a set of cut glass salt and pepper shakers (13/6)

Today is Erev Yom Kippur [eve of Day of Atonement].

Read Comics


Saturday, October 5, 1946.

Today is Yom Kippur.

Fasted all day for the first time.

Got in bad with Mummy by buying an “A” and “B” supplementary unit for my meccano set.  [It would be sinful to do anything like this on Yom Kippur.]

Broke the fast at Grandparents’.

Went to shul.   Made an anniversary card for Aunty Sylvia and Uncle Leonard.


Sunday, October 6, 1946.

There were no Sunday School classes today.

Mummy went to London in the morning for a stone setting.  [Jewish cemetery rite.]  She will be back late tonight.

Did homework.

Ate lunch & supper at Grandma’s.

Went to see Aunty Sylvia in the hospital.

Went for a ride with Uncle George, Myrna, and Grandpa along the undercliff and overcliff drives.


Monday, October 7, 1946.

Mr. & Mrs. Berman came from London again.  This is getting very monotonous.

Got 7 out of 10 in a history test at school.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.  I now go at 5:25.

Today is Aunty Sylvia and Uncle Leonard’s first wedding anniversary.  They got my salt & pepper shaker gift.


Tuesday, October 8, 1946.

Did homework.

Played with meccanno

Had hebrew classes.  Heard radio.

There is, 3 weeks from tomorrow the court case for our house.  [The hope was that we would regain possession, so that we could move in.]


Wednesday, October 9, 1946.

Played with meccano.  Heard radio.

Helped Mummy peeling, slicing, and mixing.

Tomorrow is Sucos [Jewish festival].  I don’t go to school on Thursday or on Friday again.


Thursday, October 10, 1946.

Today is the first day of sucos.  I don’t go to school today or tomorrow.

Went to shul.

Went on a message for Uncle Leonard.

Visited Aunty Sylvia who is still in the hospital.

Heard radio.

Finished making an airoplane out of my mechanno.


Friday, October 11, 1946.

Went to shul.

Mummy had a permanent wave.  I stayed reading magazines in the beauty shop all afternoon.

Visited Aunty Sylvia in the hospital again.      Heard radio.

We got news that our case for the house has been postponed until late in November.  Mummy started crying.


Saturday, October 12, 1946.

Saw a Bar-Mitzvah at shul.  The Bar-Mitzvah boy and family came fifteen minutes late.

Went with Myrna to see “The Way we Live” and “Smoky.”

Took “Merry Stories Omnibus” out of the library.

Heard radio.


Sunday, October 13, 1946.

No Sunday school today.

Wento Succos tea at the shul which I did not enjoy at all.

Visited Aunty Sylvia in the hospital again.

Did homework.


Monday, October 14, 1946.

Went back to school.

Did homework.

Had another bar-mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Heard radio.

The weather is getting very cold.


Tuesday, October 15, 1946.

Played football at Winton Recreation Ground for games at school.

Attended Hebrew School.

Did homework.

Heard radio.

Read library book.


Wednesday, October 16, 1946.

I don’t go to school tomorrow or Friday.

Heard radio.

Played with my fretwork set.

Read my library book.

Started a composition on “A thunderstorm” at school.


Thursday, October 17, 1946.

Went to shul in the morning and afternoon for children’s and adults’ Simchas Torah service.

Visited Mrs. Brand with Mummy and Myrna.  Had tea there.

Visited Aunty Sylvia in the hospital.


Friday, October 18, 1946.

Went to shul.

Went with Myrna to see “Monsieur Beaucaire”

Read my library book.

Heard radio.

Played with my mechano set.


Saturday, October 19, 1946.

Went to shul.

Mr. & Mrs. Berman and Lionel came to see Aunty Sylvia.  They are staying overnight.

Did homework.

Visited Aunty Sylvia in the hospital.

Heard radio.

Played with my fretwork set.  Made a small boat.


Sunday, October 20, 1946.

No Sunday school classes today.

Helped Mummy in the kitchen by peeling the apples & potatoes.

Mr. & Mrs. Berman and Lionel went back to London.

Ashley King is supposed to come tonight. 

Heard radio.


Monday, October 21, 1946.

Went back to school.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Heard radio.

Did Homework.

Had a bath.

Had a haircut.


Tuesday, October 22, 1946.

Played football in games at school.

Attended Hebrew school classes.

Did homework.

Heard radio.

Got some comics.


Wednesday, October 23, 1946.

It rained most of the day.

Did homework.

Had another Bar-Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.  I can now do my whole kaboodle, [? I think I meant the entire required performance] but not perfectly.

Heard radio.


Thursday, October 24, 1946.

Had woodwork classes at school.  I have missed a lot.

Did homework

Read comics

Heard radio.

Mr. King’s sister and her daughter came in the afternoon.



Friday, October 25, 1946.

Got 9/10 in a composition in school.

Did homework.

Heard radio

Read comics.

The weather is very cold and wet.


Saturday, October 26, 1946.

Went to shul.

Daddy and Norma Berman came by train from London.

Got a comb (6d)

Visited Aunty Sylvia in the hospital.

Heard radio.


Sunday, October 27, 1946.

Attended Sunday School classes.

Uncle Leonard has told us that he thinks it would be better if we were not here when Aunty Sylvia comes out of the hospital.  We went to see a place, but it was no good.

Daddy and Noama Berman went back to London.

Attended shul in the evening for a children’s meeting but there weren’t enough attending so there was no meeting.  Had supper at grandma’s.


Monday, October 28, 1946.

Wrote a composition about alterations at the Lansdowne (one of the main road junctions here) at school.

Had another bar mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Did homework.

Heard radio.


Tuesday, October 29, 1946.

Played football in games at school

Did homework.

Attended Hebrew Classes at shul.

There is no school on Thursday or Friday because of half-term.


Wednesday, October 30, 1946.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Did Homework.

Heard radio.

There is no school tomorrow or Friday because of half term.


Thursday, October 31, 1946.

No school today or tomorrow because there is a half-term holiday.

Played outside with Myrna.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to see “Mr. Ace” and “Miss Susie Slagles”


Friday, November 1, 1946.

Played with meccano.

Went to the library.  Took out “For Adults Only”

Went on a message for Mummy.  Looked around the shops.


Saturday, November 2, 1946.

Attended shul.

Went with Myrna to see “Kentucky” and “Home Sweet Homicide”

Mrs. Elrin had lunch with us.

Played with Mecanno.

Read Library book.


Sunday, November 3, 1946.

Attended Sunday School classes.

Played with my mechano set.

Read library book.

Went to a recreation hour at the shul.

Sat with Mummy and Myrna in the Central Pleasure gardens in the afternoon.  I didn’t get much pleasure out of it.


Monday, November 4, 1946.

Went back to school.

Got 8 out of 10 in a history test at school.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Heard radio.

Read library book.


Tuesday, November 5, 1946.

Played Football at Winton Recreation Ground in games class at school today.

Attended Hebrew School.

Today is Guy Fawkes day. [British holiday marking unsuccessful 1605 plot to blow up Parliament.  Celebrated with bonfires and fireworks.] Mummy, Myrna and I went out to see if there were any fireworks.  We hardly saw anything, but when we came home we built a small “bonfire.”


Wednesday, November 6, 1946.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Did homework.

The case for our house is scheduled to come up in court on November 23rd.

A pretty dull day.


Thursday, November 7, 1946.

The weather was bad all day.

Daddy is ill.  He is coming here tonight at 11:00 o’clock.

Tomorrow Mr. & Mrs. Berman are coming to see Aunty Sylvia, which is nothing new.

Did homework. Read Comics  Heard Radio


Friday, November 8, 1946.

Daddy came from London last night.  Mr. Berman came in the afternoon.  Mrs. Berman is coming tomorrow.

Got 7 out of 10 in my composition at school.

Norman King came in the evening.  [I think he was the actual owner of the house in which Leonard and Sylvia, and my mother, sister and I, were living.] Much as I hate it, I have to sleep with Uncle George at Grandma’s because there is not enough room here.  I feel very angry about it.

Read comics


Saturday, November 9, 1946.

I hardly slept at all last night.

Attended Shul.

Mrs. Berman came from London.

Went with Myrna to see “Madame Pimpernel” and “The Time of Their Lives.”

I have to sleep with Uncle George at Grandma’s again tonight.


Sunday, November 10, 1946.

I slept slightly better last night than the previous night.  Tonight I sleep in my own room.

Went to shul for Classes in the morning and for a recreation hour in the evening.

Did homework.

Wrote a composition for school called “Silver, the White Stallion.”

Read Comics.

The Bermans went back to London


Monday, November 11, 1946.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Read comics.

Did Homework

Heard radio

Bought a “Little Abner” comic book (6d)

Norman King left.


Tuesday, November 12, 1946.

Wrote a play for school called “The Truth Drug”  If it is good enough it will be given in the school Christmas concert.  Stayed up late to write it.

Attended Hebrew Classes


Wednesday, November 13, 1946.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Daddy went back to London

Did homework.

Read comics.

Handed my play in at school.


Thursday, November 14, 1946.

Had woodwork class all the morning at school today.

Went to see Aunty Sylvia in the hospital

Did homework.

Read comics


Friday, November 15, 1946.

Got eight out of ten in my composition at school.

Bought a “Hotspur”  I have ordered it so I will get every issue from now on.

Read comics.

Did homework.

Had a bath.


Saturday, November 16, 1946.

Although I have a cold, I attended shul, but didn’t go outside all afternoon.

Mr. & Mrs. Berman came from London to see Aunty Sylvia.  I should have a rubber stamp made.

Read comics.


Sunday, November 17, 1946.

I still have a cold.

Attended Sunday classes at shul.

Stayed inside for the rest of the day.

Mr. & Mrs. Berman went back to The City of London

Read “Hotspur” comics.


Monday, November 18, 1946.

My cold is better today.

Went to school.

Did homework

Heard radio.

Our case for our house is coming up in court a week from today.


Tuesday, November 19, 1946.

Attended Hebrew classes at shul.

Lately I have found out a lot of things which I don’t like.

a.  That mummy looks in here whenever she pleases

b.  That the Tfillin [ritual boxes and straps to be worn in prayer] which Daddy has bought me in London is second hand. (Mummy told me it was new)

c.  That said Tfillin cost £2”10s (Mummy said £4)

I don’t like this at all

Did Homework

Read comics

Heard radio



Wednesday, November 20, 1946.

Read comics.

Did homework

Heard radio.

Today was a very rainy day.

Mummy and Myrna are going to London for the court case.  I have to stay here.


Thursday, November 21, 1946.

The examinations at school will start on the first of December.

Sold for 8d the “Li’l Abner” comic which I bought for 6d.

Aunty Sylvia finally came out of the hospital.

Did homework.

Received my tfillin from Daddy in London


Friday, November 22, 1946.

Bought my weekly “Hotspur” (2d)

Got 8 out of ten in my “Truth Drug” composition at school.

Noama Berman came to be with Aunty Sylvia who is in bed.

Did homework.


Saturday, November 23, 1946.

Attended shul.  Before the children’s service a man came into the hall & said that he wanted to talk to one of the pupils.  The boy came out and the man started shouting and yelling about how this boy had hit the man’s son (also a pupil) at school and had given him a black eye.  The man caused quite a commotion, and, when he finally left, Mr. Hyams said that he had never seen anything like it before.

Mummy & Myrna went to London.

Saw “Renegades” and “Blondie’s lucky Day”

Played with mecanno.


Sunday, November 24, 1946.

Attended classes at shul.

Read books.  Heard radio.

Most of the day it was raining.

I may have to go to Grandma’s and sleep there if Noama, Aunty Sylvia, and Uncle Leonard go to London tomorrow.


Monday, November 25, 1946.

Got 6 ½ out of 10 in a history test at school.

Started casting my play.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.  He showed me how to put on the tfillin.

We had the court case in London.  Mummy phoned when I was not in.  It seems that the case is adjourned for further evidence.  [I wish I knew more about this.  Apparently, we lost the case.]


Tuesday, November 26, 1946.

Uncle Leonard, Aunty Sylvia, and Noama went to London, so I have to sleep with Uncle George at Grandma’s again.

Had a lesson in putting on the tfillin with Mr. Hyams.


Wednesday, November 27, 1946.

I am very angry.  I spent a rotten night with Uncle George.  Uncle Leonard came back from London alone.  Mummy & Myrna were supposed to come with him.  He says that they may not come back till the weekend, which means that I have to stay here at Grandma’s untill they come back.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

What annoys me most is the thought that Myrna must be having the time of her life in London, while I have to stay here and suffer.


Thursday, November 28, 1946.

I sprained my ankle at school jumping off a desk.  It hurt so much that I could hardly walk.  Uncle Leonard banded it up for me.

Got a letter from Mummy, and one from Uncle Marsh.


Friday, November 29, 1946.

Mummy and Myrna came back from London.  Parents have bought a house in Edgware, Middlesex.  Came back to 31 Ophir Road.

My ankle is still pretty bad.


Saturday, November 30, 1946.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to see “The Overlanders” and “The Bride Wore Boots.”

Attended shul.

Read some books and magazines


Sunday, December 1, 1946.

Wrote an essay on Rabbi Hillel at Sunday Shul classes.

Visited Mr. and Mrs. Chester.

Went to the recreation night at shul, but only two other people showed up, so it broke up at 7:00 o’clock.


Monday, December 2, 1946.

Had another Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Got a letter from Aunty Nan and Uncle Mort asking what I would like for my Bar Mitzvah.  I started to answer the letter, but Mummy said that she wanted to read it, so I packed up.  I think I have a right to a little privacy, and I feel quite justified.


Tuesday, December 3, 1946.

Acted out my play “Aint It the Truth?” at school.  Mummy typed it out in the evening.

Wrote my letter to Aunty Nan and Uncle Mort at school, and I surprised Mummy by showing it to her in the evening.

Had Hebrew classes at shul.             Heard radio.


Wednesday, December 4, 1946.

Got 57% in my arithmetic exam at school.

Had a French and Geography exam.  Got 2 out 10 in the Geography exam.  This was the lowest in the class.  I don’t know anything about English Geography.

Did Homework.


Thursday, December 5, 1946.

Had a geometry and another Geography test at school.  Got 7 out of 10 in the Geography test.

Did homework.

Went to the library.  Took out “The Captain of Glendale.”

Heard radio.

Played with my fretwork set.  Made a tea mat.


Friday, December 6, 1946.

Had a half-day holiday at school today.

Went with Mummy and Myrna looking around all the shops to get me a birthday present.  We decided on a model steam engine.

Started reading “The Captain of Glendale”

Had a haircut and a bath.


Saturday, December 7, 1946.

Attended Shul.  My Bar Mitzvah is next Saturday.

Went with Mummy and Myrna to see “A Matter of Life and Death”

Heard radio.

Played with my fretwork set.


Sunday, December 8, 1946.

Attended Sunday classes at shul.

Continued reading “The Captain of Glendale”

Mummy is making a beef-steak pie for my birthday tomorrow.

Visited the Marxes.  Played Monopoly and beat Myrna there.  Had tea and supper there.

Did Homework.


Monday, December 9, 1946.

Today is my 13th birthday.

Received a microscope from Mummy, a game called “Solitaire” from Myrna, a set of mathematical instruments from Uncle George, and a Conjuring set from Uncle Leonard and Aunty Sylvia.

Wrote a composition called “Nature in Her Fury” at school.  Got 51% in my science exam, which wasn’t too bad as most of the marks were below 40%.

Had a Bar Mitzvah lesson with Mr. Hyams.

Heard radio.



Tuesday, December 10, 1946.

Bought a five-year diary (13/9) for Uncle Leonard whose birthday is December 12th.

Attended Hebrew classes at shul.

Did homework

Played with my microscope.

Heard radio

Received £2 from the Abrams by mail, and £2”2s from the Arcuses.

Got 54% in my French exam at school.  There were only 5 people above this.  Had a physics exam.


Wednesday, December 11, 1946.

I got 29 out of 40 in the algebra exam at school.  The highest was 35 and there were only 3 people above 29.  Got 9 out of 10 in the graph exam.

Played with my fretwork set and completed another mat.

Heard radio.


Thursday, December 12, 1946.

Today was Uncle Leonard’s birthday.  Gave him the diary.

At school got 70 in my Physics exam (the highest mark)  My term mark was 61 (about second from the top)

Aunty Sylvia came back from London.


Friday, December 13, 1946.

Tomorrow is my Bar Mitzvah. 

Received a check for a gineau [a guinea, = £1 + 1 shilling] from the Chesters and a W.H. Smith Library book subscription from Aunty Tilly and Uncle Aubrey.

Came third in the Geometry exam at school

Daddy, Mr. & Mrs. Berman, and Aunty Nan came from London for the Bar Mitzvah


Saturday, December 14, 1946.

Had my bar mitzvah at shul today.  Ate lunch at a guest house where Parents had arranged it.  My only presents were a set of brushes from Douglas Chester and a book called “Tomorrow’s Bread” from Mr. Hyams

[Fixed to the page is this Bar Mitzvah announcement from the “Jewish Chronicle”: 

“BRILLIANT. – Ashleigh (“Junior”)., only son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Brilliant, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. H. Brilliant, 226 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, and Mr. and Mrs. L. Adler, Toronto, Canada, will read Maftir and Haftara at Bournemouth Synagogue on Saturday, December 14, 1946.”]


Sunday, December 15, 1946.

Attended classes at shul.

Daddy gave me a wrist watch.

Daddy went back to London.

Stayed in all afternoon.

Did my homework.

Heard radio.  Read books.


Monday, December 16, 1946.

Had a class rehearsal of my play at school.

Did homework.

Received as bar mitzvah presents,

a pair of roller skates from Aunty Nan & Uncle Mort, a wallet from cousins Doris & Manny, and a book called “Great Stories of all Nations” from Uncle Abraham.

At school my class position was 7th.


Tuesday, December 17, 1946.

Received a football as a Bar-Mitzvah present from Uncle George.

My play will be presented tomorrow afternoon at school.

Read “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde”

Heard Radio.

Did homework.

Tomorrow is Grandma’s birthday.  Bought her an egg-timer


Wednesday, December 18, 1946.

The school concert was put on in the afternoon.  My play was in it.

Today is Grandma’s birthday.  Gave her the egg-timer.

Went to Myrna’s school concert with Mummy and Myrna in the evening.


Thursday, December 19, 1946.

Uncle Leonard tried to blow up my football and the bladder split.

It snowed today.

Mummy is going to London tomorrow.

Stayed indoors all day.

Morry Leavy came for supper.

Read comics.


Friday, December 20, 1946.

Mummy went to London in the morning and came back in the evening.

Bought a “Hotspur” (2d)

Today was the last day of the school term

We may be moving into our new house soon.


Saturday, December 21, 1946.

Attended Shul.

Went with Myrna to see “The Little princess” and “Turned Out nice Again”

Daddy here from London.  He is going to stay here till we leave for London, (we think) on Thursday.

Uncle George got a new bladder for my football, and Uncle Leonard blew it up.





Sunday, December 22, 1946.

Attended a Chanukah service at shul in the afternoon.  Afterwards there was a tea and a prize-giving.  At the prize-giving I won two books for general proficiency and the essay which I wrote on Rabbi Hillel.  One was called “A Book of Jewish Thoughts” and the other one was called “The Jewish Festivals”


Monday, December 23, 1946.

Received a portable gramophone as a bar mitzvah present from Grandma and grandpa Brilliant.  I really like it a lot.

Stayed indoors all day.

Heard radio.

The Christmas holidays have started


Tuesday, December 24, 1946.

Played with my football in the school yard.

Went to the library.

Today is Christmas eve

Heard radio

We are moving to London on Boxing Day [the day after Christmas.]


Wednesday, December 25, 1946.

Today is Christmas

We are leaving for London tomorrow.  Packed most of our stuff.

Stayed indoors all day.

Heard radio.

I am certainly glad that we are leaving Bournemouth at last.


Thursday, December 26, 1946.

Came to London from Bournemouth in the train with the family and Uncle Leonard and Aunty Sylvia.

We had supper at the Bermans’.  I slept there.

We are moving into our new house tomorrow.


Friday, December 27, 1946.

We moved into our new house today.  We spent most of the day unpacking.  Our adress  is 67 Highview Avenue, Edgware Middlesex

Much of our stuff has been damaged.  Well, we finally have a home of our own.


Saturday, December 28, 1946.

Did a lot of unpacking.

Visited cousins Wally and Anita [Norwood.  They also lived in Edgware.]

Read books.

Our kitchen here is very small.

Many of our dishes have been broken in transit.

Took nails out of wood.  [Probably out of packing cases.]


Sunday, December 29, 1946.

We are still unpacking.

Played with my tinkertoy set

Uncle Leonard and Aunty Sylvia and Micky & Ruth Bush came to visit us.

Read comics.

Set up my books in the book-case.


Monday, December 30, 1946.

Daddy is ill so he stayed home from work today.

Read comics.

Went shopping for mummy.

The Kings came to visit us in the evening.

Read books.


Tuesday, December 31, 1946.

Cousins Jesse, Max, Phyllis, and Jimmy came up to visit us in the evening.

Read Comics.

Well, it has been a pretty eventful year, but I’m getting rather tired of eventful years.  My wish for 1947 is that It will be a quite [sic] and peaceful year, and that we will all settle down happily!  AMEN




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