Yes, I do make personal appearances, and can tailor my performance or presentation to your particular needs.  Among the most recent:  Linn-Benton Community College, Albany Oregon, Sept. 2011 (Reference: Dean Ann Malosh,  Thresholds Arts Festival, Des Moines Iowa, June 2110  (Reference: Ben Allaway:
Previous appearances have included conventions, private parties, civic groups, churches, schools, colleges, and writers' groups,
I'm willing to travel anywhere, if we can agree on terms.
Rates are reasonable and negotiable.

I speak on a wide range of subjects, and can illustrate any subject with selections from my 10,000 published Pot-Shots.  People seem to be particularly interested in my unusual career as a professional creator of illustrated epigrams. I also SING my own songs, e.g. songs from the Hippie era and from my career as a teacher on the Floating University ("Semester At Sea.")

If interested, please let me know your requirements. Email me at

Here are some quotes from past events:
(You can read the complete letters in my files).

Sept 14 2011 "I was in the audience at the LBCC presentation and enjoyed your
presentation. . . I have to say that you made a lasting impression on me. I might add,
your personal story is fascinating."

Paul T. Hibbard
Faculty, Business Management
Linn-Benton Community College
Albany, OR 97321

"Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for taking the time to speak at our Division exercises. Your wit and humor helped us see 'Completion' from a different and interesting perspective." -- Ann Malosh, Dean, Business Healthcare & Workforce Division, Linn-Benton College, Albany, Oregon. Sept. 13, 2011.


"Valle Verde sends you our grateful thanks for your splendid performance. Many of our residents have spoken to me about your presentation which they enjoyed mightily. Your generosity in bestowing a spectrum of POTSHOTS on us was very much appreciated."

"I can think of no way you could improve on your seminar, being so natural and humorous and making everyone feel so comfortable."

"Your 'brilliant' mind was an honor to attend. Loved your humor."

"You came across as perceptive, gentle and kind. I feel rewarded just sitting and receiving your thoughts and feelings. Such honesty and depth."

"An exceptional performance by an exceptional man. When you heard too much laughter, it wasn't always because I laughed at the words you said, but it was your utterly sweet innocence and whimsical way."

"Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation at our Lucheon Forum. Your witty insightful and resonant epigrams and apt illustrations have become an important part of our culture!"

"From those I spoke to after our program, you … were a big hit. The fun and humor caused an uproar in our nearly 150 member attendance - one of the biggest of the year. Many people came up to my wife Patty and me afterward with big smiles. They said the whole evening had both entertainment and educational value."

"Your program had so many positive comments that I'm sure some speakers' bureau would love to have your star power."

"Thank you for sharing your life and work at the Library last Sunday. We speak about your presentation often. It touches a chord with us. The way you have pursued your work and your art is an inspiration. Potshots is an amazing gift to us all."

"Now that the dust has settled and the evaluation forms have come in, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time you shared with us. . . Some of the comments included 'What program did you like the most? Ashleigh Brilliant, hands down. 5 stars out of 5 stars.'"

"Many thanks for your triumphant return engagement at the Book Publicists of So. Calif. Holiday Mixer of Dec. 8. You slayed 'em with your personalized wit."

"The seniors and I were delighted to have a real celebrity here, and, what's more, a talented, entertaining one."

"We put you through the ultimate test, putting 200 17 year olds in front of you. Since that date … I have had students request your books in the library and have had a parent contact me telling me how hard it has been to motivate her foster son. But, she continued, 'he was really turned on to the speaker we had on Monday.' I personally loved your opening song."

"What can I say to someone who says everything so well except 'Thanks!' Thank you for an enjoyable afternoon filled with wit and humor. Everyone there enjoyed your presentation immensely - your songs in particular."

"I would like to thank you for your inspired visit to our little campus. You made a great impact in the name of literacy, resourcefulness, and good humor."

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