By Ashleigh Brilliant
As First Sung by the Author in Golden Gate Park,
And First Published in his Haight-Ashbury Songbook
San Francisco, 1967
[Recorded by Dan Fiebiger, Portland, Oregon, April 2010]

(Total time: 55:31)
[Melodies used]

1. There Is a Digger in the Town (1:32)  ["There Is A Tavern In the Town"]
2. The Intercourse Song (1:44) ["God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"]
3. Haight-Ashbury The Beautiful (1:05)  ["America The Beautiful"]
4. Father Fallon (1:36)  ["Sweet Betsy From Pike"]
5. So Jolly (0:41)  ["Hello Dolly"]
6. Hateful Powers (0:49)  ["April Showers"]
7. The Hippenpoof Song (1:27)  ["The Whiffenpoof Song"]
8. Hippie Get Stoned (2:15)  ["Jimmy Crack Corn"]
9. Marry-Wanna (0:58)  ["Celito Lindo"]
10. It's a Nark (0:53)  ["Lone Ranger" theme from "William Tell" Overture]
11. Digger Lullaby (1:13)   ["Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word"]
12. Home in the Trees (1:17)  ["Home On the Range"]
13. Hippie Hill (1:10)  ["Bless 'Em All"]
14. Chiquita Banana Song (0:54) ["Chiquita Banana Song"]
15. San Francisco - Full of Marihuana (3:59)  ["Alouette"]
16. Seventy Chicks (1:21)  ["Seventy-Six Trombones"]
17. The Girl I Left in Berkeley (1:43)  ["The Girl I Left Behind Me"]
18. How Delinquent Can You Be (2:33)  ["My Darling Clementine"]
19. Don't You Lie To Me (1:30)  ["Oh Susanna"]
20. The Panhandler's Song (1:23)  ["Mockingbird Hill"]
21. The Hitching Hippie (1:17)  ["Lili Marlene"]
22. Hey Run Me Over (0:46)  ["Hey Look Me Over"]
23. Take Acid and You'll See (1:08)  "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"]
24. The Singing Hippie (1:16)  ["Dominique," from "The Singing Nun"]
25. I Love Haight Street (0:41)  ["I Love Paris"]
26. The Bridge (2:28)  ["The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night"]
27. On the Street Where I Live (1:24)  ["On the Street Where You Live"]
28. Don't Be Square (0:38)  ["Over There"]
29. My Grandfather's Pot (1:02)  ["My Grandfather's Clock"]
30. Took a Little Trip (1:07)  ["Jamaica Farewell" -- "Left a Little Girl in Kingston Town"]
31. "Cockels" and "Mussels"  (2:13)  ["Molly Malone"]
32. My Teenie Bopper With the Light Blue Jeans (0:57)  ["I Dream of Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair"]
33. Around The Bay (0:43)  ["Around The World"]
34. Haight-Ashbury Farewell (2:14)  ["Red River Valley"]
35. American History Song (4:02)  ["The Stars and Stripes Forever"]
36. The Pussy-Cat Can-Can (2:54)  [Offenbach's "Can-Can"]
37. About the Author (1:17)

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