By Ashleigh Brilliant
As First Sung by the Author in Golden Gate Park,
And First Published in his Haight-Ashbury Songbook
San Francisco, 1967
[Recorded by Dan Fiebiger, Portland, Oregon, April 2010]

(Total time: 55:31)

1. There Is a Digger in the Town (1:32)
2. The Intercourse Song (1:44)
3. Haight-Ashbury The Beautiful (1:05)
4. Father Fallon (1:36)
5. So Jolly (0:41)
6. Hateful Powers (0:49)
7. The Hippenpoof Song (1:27)
8. Hippie Get Stoned (2:15)
9. Marry-Wanna (0:58)
10. It's a Nark (0:53)
11. Digger Lullaby (1:13)
12. Home in the Trees (1:17)
13. Hippie Hill (1:10)
14. Chiquita Banana Song (0:54)
15. San Francisco - Full of Marihuana (3:59)
16. Seventy Chicks (1:21)
17. The Girl I Left in Berkeley (1:43)
18. How Delinquent Can You Be (2:33)
19. Don't You Lie To Me (1:30)
20. The Panhandler's Song (1:23)
21. The Hitching Hippie (1:17)
22. Hey Run Me Over (0:46)
23. Take Acid and You'll See (1:08)
24. The Singing Hippie (1:16)
25. I Love Haight Street (0:41)
26. The Bridge (2:28)
27. On the Street Where I Live (1:24)
28. Don't Be Square (0:38)
29. My Grandfather's Pot (1:02)
30. Took a Little Trip (1:07)
31. Cockels and Mussels (2:13)
32. My Teenie Bopper With the Light Blue Jeans (0:57)
33. Around the Bay (0;43)
34. Haight-Ashbury Farewell (2:14)
35. American History Song (4:02)
36. The Pussy-Cat Can-Can (2:54)
37. About the Author (1:17)

(Tune: "There Is A Tavern In The Town.")

There is a Digger in the town, in the town,
He loves most everyone around, one around,
He gives food and clothes and shelter if he can
To every needy girl and man.

People say he must be crazy
Helping other folks be lazy
Giving things because he loves to, all for free, free, free!

Are you, are you, kind friends, are you - or you - or you
By any chance a Digger too, Digger too?
You can be a Digger - anybody can -
Just really love your fellow man.

At the Trip Without A Ticket
You'll find everything's indicat-
ive of peace and joy and friendliness and love, love, love.

Haight-Ashbury's the place today, place today,
In San Francisco by the Bay, by the Bay.
If you dig the Diggers, show your heart is big -
Come on and help the Diggers dig! ##

(Tune: "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen")

God rest you girls and gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay;
Science has the answers now,
There's no more need to pray;
For liking sexual intercourse
No consequence you'll pay!
O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy!

A miracle of chemistry
And scientific skill,
The dream of countless centuries
They've managed to fulfill --
Our lives are richer now because
There's power in the pill!
O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy.

There's good news too for people who've
Been never at their ease
In sexual matching, scared of catching
Something worse than fleas:
All acts are pure, now drugs can cure
Venereal disease!
O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy!

But if by chance through circumstance
You miss a pill or three,
And you contract the worst disease,
The one called pregnancy,
They're on your side, they now provide
Abortions legally!
O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy! ##

(Tune: "America The Beautiful.")

O beautiful for hairy beard,
For psychedelic smiles,
For lava-lamps and costumes weird
And run-away juveniles;

Haight-Ashbury, Haight-Ashbury,
America unbound!
Within thy good old neighborhood:
The rising underground.

O beautiful for hippie feet
That walk without mishap
Through tourist trash on every street
And piles of canine crap.

Haight-Ashbury, Haight-Ashbury,
Your own conclusion draw -
Collapse entire or die by fire,
But never go bourgeois! ##

(4) FATHER FALLON (1:36)
(Tune "Sweet Betsy From Pike.")

I wonder where old Father Fallon has been,
Such curious behavior I never have seen,
He says there's a brand-new salvation from sin,
And that man's only got to turn on and tune in.

Chorus: Sing too-ra-lye oo-ra-lye oo-ra-lye-ay.

He's given up shavin', he's growin' a beard;
He says there's no Hell but the Church to be feared;
He'll drink no more wine, sure he turned down a glass -
But he served chocolate brownies last night at the mass.

He's made a new surplice all dappled with flowers:
He talks about love now for hours and hours;
He says "If to crucify people is wrong,
Well I really have crucified myself too long!"

The whole congregation has thrown up its hands,
But the Father says "I'll surmount their reprimands -
If the Bishops and Cardinals offer no hope,
It will be my life's purpose to turn on the Pope." ##

(5) SO JOLLY (0:41)
(Tune: "Hello Dolly!)
I feel so jolly,
Yes I'm so jolly,
It's so great to be here smoking my first grass!
Oh yes it's me jolly,
I can be jolly,
Just a little marihuana makes your life a gas!
This stuff that can't hurt you
Sure can con-vert you,
I'm a pot-head now and know I'll always be.
So, light some more, brothers,
Let's make love not war, brothers --
No more keeping off the grass for me! ##

(Tune: "April Showers.")
Though pretty flowers
Mean love and peace,
Each hippie cowers
Before the police.
No use explaining
Your innocence -
Their actions couldn't be
Brutality -
They hate all violence.

And when they see a crowd
Upon the grass,
It helps them be proud
Just to harass -
So don't resist the poor policeman -
Let him have his good time -
It's easier frightening you
Than fighting crime! ##

(Tune: "The Whiffenpoof Song.")

From the lovely Drogstore Café
To the dear old I and Thou
To the Park so finely flowered and greenly grassed,
We will all remember Haight Street
And the hippie friends we knew,
And the scene that was too beautiful to last.

Yes, the scene was all too wondrous
And the folks were all too pure
To survive the world's materialistic mass;
Like Bohemians and Beatniks,
We are doomed to fade away,
Sinking back into the monstrous Middle Class.

We're poor little hippies far from home,
High, high, high,
We're all together 'cause we're all alone,
High, high, high!
Gentle explorers all at sea,
Seeking a cure for reality,
Who'd have mercy on you or me?
High, high, high! ##

(Tune: "Jimmie Crack Corn," or "The Blue-Tail Fly.")

I smoked some pot and then I saw
The real reason for the law:
For freedom to be really free
You must be free illegally.

Chorus: Hippie get stoned and I don't care
Hippie get stoned and I don't care
Hippie get stoned and I don't care -
The world has gone away!

Well pot is nice and acid's hip,
It puts you on a friendly trip -
But if you want to save your skin,
Just stay away from heroin.

I saw a man down on the street,
He wore gold bells upon his feet,
A string of flowers was in his hair,
But I think he had no underwear.

My friend has trouble with his eyes -
He can't stop blinking, though he tries -
The doctor said "There's little hope -
You've become a walking stroboscope!"

Hallucinating when quite high,
I thought that I could really fly;
My guru said "Your plan is vain,"
As he pushed me through the window-pane. ##

(9) MARRY-WANNA (0:58)
(Tune "Celito Lindo."

Folks are free in Haight-Ashbury,
They can live and be what they wanna;
Wedding-cake gives you stomach-ache,
So the hippies take marihuana.

Chorus: High, high, high, high,
It's no dishonor -
Phony matrimony's a lousy life -
If you need a wife, marry Juana!

Why get wed, when she'll come to bed
Soon as you have said that you wanna?
It beats booze and you'll never lose
If you always use marihuana. ##

(10) IT'S A NARK (0:53)
(Tune: "Lone Ranger" theme from the "William Tell" Overture.)

It's a nark, it's a nark, it's a nasty nark,
If you've got any pot, better keep it dark;
To and fro, let him go up the wrong tree bark -
It's a nark, it's a nasty nark.

Over-trust means a bust, and a stranger's danger-ous and always was;
Be discreet in the street, where a cutie's duty could be to tip off the fuzz;
It's a raid, I'm afraid, and he's made to, paid to, find the stuff you're on -
Only hope, caught with dope, is to hush it, crush it, flush it down the john!

It's a nark, it's a nark, it's a nasty nark;
All my pot's in a spot hidden in the park,
In the lee of a tree with a secret mark
Where a nark never comes to bark. ##

(11) DIGGER LULLABY (1:13)
(Tune: "Hush Little Baby, Don't Say A Word.")

Hush little drop-out, don't make a peep,
Diggers gonna find you a place to sleep,
And if your stomach stands in need,
Diggers have a big Panhandle feed,
And if of clothing you need more,
Everything is free at the Digger store,
And if you're feeling like a crock,
You're in good hands with the Digger doc,
And if you're picked up by the police,
Digger lawyers work for your release,
And if for work you sit and sob,
Ask the Digger clerk for a Digger job,
And if the city does you harm,
You can go and live on a Digger farm -

And if as a drop-out, you still can't win,
The Diggers still will love you when you drop back in. ##

(12) HOME IN THE TREES (1:17)
(Tune: "Home On The Range.")

Oh give me a home
Where the hippies all roam,
In a park where the people are free,
Where there's plenty of grass,
And some cute hippie lass
Only wants to have plenty of me.

Chorus: Home, home in trees,
Where all people can do as they please,
Where seldom is heard
A middle-class word,
And reality's just a disease.

How often at night
Have I asked for a light
From a stranger whom I could not see,
And beheld in that place
My own brother's face,
Who had always been looking for me. ##

(13) HIPPIE HILL (1:10)
(Tune: "Bless 'Em All.")

Oh they say that Haight-Ashbury has a back-yard
All the way to the sea,
Block-to-block carpeting, growing and green,
Loveliest park that you ever have seen -
There are flowers from Spain and Brazil,
And the buffalo give you a thrill,
But the major attraction and all of the action
Is happening on Hippie Hill.

Hippie Hill, Hippie Hill -
If you've got a lifetime to kill -
Millions of moments by day and by dark,
Might as well spend them in Golden Gate Park;
You don't have to be mentally ill
To enjoy sitting perfectly still,
Feeling so placid while tripping on acid -
It's happening on Hippie Hill! ##

(Tune: "The Chiquita Banana Song.")

I'm Chiquita Banana, here to testify:
Bananas are so good, and they can get you high,
And for discreet and law-abiding gentlefolk,
There's nothing like the fragrance of banana-smoke.

It can bring you to Nirvana,
But they can't ban a banana!
You may stock it and retail it,
And it's even safe to mail it!

So if there's no other reason but the law that has been keeping you angelic,
Remember beautiful bananas
Can make you psychedelic!
They can't ban a
Ba-na-na! ##

(Tune: "Alouette.")

Chorus: San Francisco, full of marihuana,
San Francisco, paradise of pot!

Do policemen smoke it too?
No they don't, that's why they're blue.
Men in blue
Smoke it too
Do they smoke it on Nob Hill?
Some do now, the rest soon will.
On Nob Hill
Soon they will
Is there pot around the Mission?
It's an old Spanish tradition.
In the Mission
Old tradition
Is there pot in the Marina?
Yes, their grass is always greener.
In the Marina
Grass is greener
Is there pot out in Potrero?
Keep it under your sombrero.
In Potrero
High sombrero

Do they smoke it in North Beach?
Topless joints are ten cents each.
In North Beach
Ten cents each.
Is there pot at City College?
It's their major source of knowledge.
City College
Source of Knowledge
What about Haight-Ashbury?
Why on earth would you ask me?
Don't ask me. ##


(16) SEVENTY CHICKS (1:21)
(Tune: "Seventy-six Trombones.")

Seventy chicks hit Haight Street one Saturday night,
And a hundred and ten police soon were there,
"Cause not one of those three-score-ten
Who marched back and forth again
Wore a thing but flowers in her hair!

Seventy chicks made news in Haight-Ashbury,
Doing nothing but feel the air with their skin,
But a horrible judge said "Fudge!
Legal reason cannot budge!
You are guilty of the gravest sin!"

Every single girl was given thirty days,
Thirty days, thirty days, to change her dirty ways,
But though booked for looking lovely in the nude,
They still pursued their impossible attitude.

Seventy chicks home from penitentiary
Found a welcoming crowd in Haight-Ashbury.
At a signal the whole crowd rose
And they all took off their clothes,
Just to show their, show their, show their, show their

(Tune: "The Girl I Left Behind Me.")

Oh, I've left girls in many a town,
From here to Albuquerque,
But there's just one who let me down -
The girl I left in Berkeley.
She knew the pain I'd feel to leave
And didn't want to hurt me,
So before I left her, she left me,
The girl I left in Berkeley,

We knew our constitutional rights,
And sought to guarantee them,
And so at school we joined the fight
For academic freedom.
We loved Free Speech and spoke Free Love,
But I didn't mean it really -
Although it's fair to love and share,
She shared her love too freely.

So in despair I left her there,
And vowing I'd be wary,
I crossed the Bay one fateful day,
And came to Haight-Ashbury.
I looked around until I found
A girl with looks and knowledge,
And she taught me that to be free
You don't need books or college.

Oh school is just a big machine
And college girls can leave you;
It's better on the hippie scene -
A hippie won't deceive you.
Oh I've left girls regretfully
From Mexico to Turkey -
But I'm not so sad that she left me,
The girl I left in Berkeley. ##

(Tune: "My Darling Clementine.")

In a camper parked on Haight Street,
With a hippie cool and keen,
Lived a minor named Regina,
Who was only seventeen.

Chorus: How delinquent, how delinquent,
How delinquent can you be!
What I give you may contribute
Much to your delinquency.

There he brought her food and water,
And her hair he had to comb;
She was someone's naughty daughter
Who had run away from home.

They were lovers 'neath the covers,
But he had a greater goal:
It was odd, he loved her body,
But he sought to save her soul.

Ruby lips around a pot-pipe:
What a world he helped her see!
Much more groovy than a movie
Was her trip on LSD.

Back to high school
Down in Fresno
Sweet Regina now has gone -
She's already going steady
With a teacher she's turned on! ##

(19) DON'T YOU LIE TO ME (1:30)
(Tune: "Oh Susanna")

Oh I hear them boast that on the Coast
The world's turned upside-down
And if you're square the hippies stare
And run you out of town.

Chorus: Haight Ash-bury
Don't you lie to me!
What a great disgrace
If such a place
Could ever truly be.

If you need a chick, you have your pick
To make a friendship of;
All the girls are hipped and well-equipped
To make the most of love.

If you're seeking pot, which you should not,
The chances are quite good
That the folks out there are so aware
They'll make you think you should.

Now we've been told to love what's old,
And we know that word is true -
Better keep quite clean of the hippie scene,
'Cause they may have something new. ##

(Tune: "Mockingbird Hill")

When the cops in the morning
Creep over the park
And scatter the Hippies who slept in the dark,
Reassembling on Haight Street, we sit there all day,
And greet every person the panhandler's way:

Chorus: Gimme a dime, gimme a nickel,
A penny's O.K. -
My father's making millions
On Wall Street today -
Gimme a dime, gimme a nickel,
Don't tell me I'm strange -
The strangest thing on Haight Street
Is to keep your spare change.

Everybody knows working's
Uncool and uncouth,
It's a fine and divine way
Of wasting one's youth -
Stay away from this scandal
Like all the best folk,
Just learn to panhandle,
You'll never be broke! ##

(Tune: "Lili Marlene")

Every road and turnpike,
Even where it's banned,
Sees the hippies hitch-hike
Towards the promised land.

They're all moving westward eagerly
Because they see
The place to be
Is here in San Francisco,
And in Haight-Ashbury.

Smile at every driver
From the highway-side -
It's a great reviver
To get a friendly ride -

He may not be going very far,
But in his car
You know you are
En route to San Francisco,
And to Haight-Ashbury.

Once upon a summer,
Climb aboard your fate -
Any plucky thumber
Can reach the Golden Gate;

You don't really know what life can mean
Until you've been
And made the scene
In lovely San Francisco,
And in Haight-Ashbury. ##

(22) HEY, RUN ME OVER (0:46)
(Tune: "Hey, Look Me Over.")

Hey, run me over
All round the town,
See every chauffeur
Try to knock me down -
Streets are for people,
That's what people say -
I figure that means a pedestrian
Should have the right of way.

But you can die being right, man,
Wrong people thrive -
Stay out of sight, man,
And you may survive.

So if you want to live in security,
Avoiding violent shock -
Just don't ever leave your block! ##

(Tune: "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.")

It came upon a night so fair,
Somewhere beyond the sea -
A scientist in a lonely lab
Discovered LSD.

Around the world the word went forth:
Mankind now has the key;
If you've been blind within your mind,
Take acid and you'll see.

When to these shores the message came,
Believers there were few;
This miracle of modern time
Just seemed too good to be true.

But then arose a prophet bold -
His name was Timothy -
And unto youth he brought the truth:
Take acid and you'll see. ##

(Tune "Dominique," from "The Singing Nun.")

Chorus: If a truly hip hippie
Is what you really want to be,
Just take a tip from me -
Leave your mother and your dad,
Move into a hippie pad
In the great Haight-Ashbury.

They've got beer and honky-tonks
Back in Brooklyn and the Bronx,
But I tell you, flower child,
It's the West that's really wild!

We love kids the world rejects,
We approve of every sex,
We don't mind if you have skin,
Or what color it comes in. ##

(Tune: "I Love Paris.")
I love Haight Street in the morning,
I love Haight Street after dark,
I love Haight Street when it's sunny, 'cause it's funny,
I love Haight Street when it's raining, and I'm complaining.

I love Haight street with a passion,
It's my very favorite spot -
I love Haight Street, why oh why do I love Haight Street? -
It's where I buy my pot. ##

(26) THE BRIDGE (2:28)
(Tune: The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night.")

My westward journey's end one day
Brought me to the bridge that crossed the Bay,
That seemed to be the only way
To get to San Francisco, San Francisco -
That seemed to be the only way to get to San Francisco.

I drove till I came to a great big gate,
Where the cars slowed down, and I had to wait,
Impatient now to participate
In the love of San Francisco, San Francisco -
Impatient now to participate in the love of San Francisco.

A hand reached out to where I sat,
I shook that hand with a friendly pat,
Pleased with such a nice welcome at
The gate to San Francisco, San Francisco,
Pleased with such a nice welcome at the gate to San Francisco.

As I drove straight on, there came a shout -
Some greeting cry, I had no doubt -
Confirming all I'd heard about
The love in San Francisco, San Francisco,
Confirming all I'd heard about the love in San Francisco.

Well the city lights were growing near
When a po-lice escort did appear -
I must be the millionth man this year
To visit San Francisco, San Francisco
I must be the millionth man this year to visit San Francisco.

But I learned I'd committed a sacrilege -
You're supposed to pay when you cross that bridge -
Admission price for the privilege
Of seeing San Francisco, San Francisco,
Admission price for the privilege of seeing San Francisco.

They made me pay a great big fine
To teach me better another time -
But you can bet your life that I'm
Not leaving San Francisco, San Francisco,
Yes you can bet your life that I'm not leaving San Francisco! ##

(Tune: "On the Street Where You Live.")

I have often walked down this street before,
But I used to understand the folks I'd meet before;
Now my head just whirls at the bells and curls,
And I can't tell the boys from the girls.

If I stop and stare at these sights so strange,
People just hold out their hands and ask for my spare change!
What work do they do? What's life coming to?
Tell me please, is "Hippies" a disease?

And oh! the frightening feeling
Just to walk alone in this land:
Someone strange comes up to you stealing,
And suddenly you find a flower in your hand!

I believe in God, I obey the law,
But I can't believe that God approves what I just saw:
There were juveniles - yes I'm positive -
Giving love on the street where I live! ##

(28) DON'T BE SQUARE (0:38)
(Tune: "Over There.")

Don't be square!
Don't be square!
Don't be blind and unkind everywhere!
You can look less sour
And feel more power
If you wear a flower in your hair!

Don't be square!
Be aware!
Life's absurd in the herd, and so bare!
When your're shoving
You can't be loving,
And it's always lovely loving if you dare! ##

(Tune: "My Grandfather's Clock.")

My Grandfather's pot
Was too hot for the shelf -
It was kept in a hole in the floor;
And when Granny and he
Had a smoke with their tea
They would lock every window and door;
For they trembled with fright
That their clandestine delight
Would scandalize all of the town -
So they died high, too afraid to cry,
When the house burned down.

Ninety years timid turning-on,
Pity-pot, pity-pot,
Their home brightly burning on,
Pity-pot, pity-pot,
They died high, too afraid to cry,
When the house burned down. ##

(30) TOOK A LITTLE TRIP (1:07)
(Tune "Jamaica Farewell" -- "Left a Little Girl in Kingston Town.")

In the state by the Golden Gate
There's a lovely city with a street named Haight.
People see where there's liberty,
And they never want to leave Haight-Ashbury.

Chorus: And I'm glad to say I'm here to stay,
Happiness has come my way,
My mind is open and my heart is free,
Since I took a little trip on LSD.

It's too soon to embrace the moon,
But the earth's delightful in the afternoon;
You could hate the world and seek heaven above,
But when you're in Haight-Ashbury, Haight means love. ##

(31) "COCKLES" AND "MUSSELS" (2:13)
(Tune: "Molly Malone.")

In San Francis-co Town
Where the cable-cars go down
On Taylor to Fisherman's wharf, months ago,
A fellow named Andy
Sold paradise candy
Crying "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive-o!"
Alive, alive-o-o, Alive, alive o-o,
Crying "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive-o!"

He kept his work stealthy
And soon became wealthy,
And purchased a yacht with a big hold below;
With good things he filled it,
Then quietly sailed it,
Full of "cockles" and "mussels," alive, alive-o.
Alive, alive-o-o, Alive, alive-o-o,
Full of "cockles" and "mussels," alive, alive-o.

He sailed one mile farther
Than territorial water,
Then anchored and waited for commerce to grow;
Soon scores were arriving
And business was thriving
For his "cockles" and "mussels," alive, alive-o.
Alive, alive o-o, Alive, alive o-o,
For his "cockles" and "mussels," alive, alive-o.

He dwells there quite regally
Doing business quite legally,
While hundreds of boats gaily sail to and fro;
If you need better candy,
Sail out to old Andy,
For some "cockles" and "mussels," alive, alive-o.
Alive, alive o-o, Alive, alive o-o,
For some "cockles" and "mussels," alive, alive-o. ##

(Tune: "I Dream of Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair.")

My teeny-bopper with the light blue jeans
Makes me so happy on the hippie scenes,
Her rock is groovy, and I like her style -
She may be an infant, but she's not infantile.

Many are the moonlights we've spent on Hippie Hill;
She smokes marihuana as she takes her pill.
My teeny-bopper's still too young to adore -
She sure counts with me though, 'cause she knows the score. ##

(33) AROUND THE BAY (0:43)
(Tune: "Around the World.")
Around the Bay I searched for you,
I don't know why, except that I
Had nothing else to do;
In Sausalito on a tree
I left a note, but someone wrote
That you were in Berkeley:
On Telegraph I tried one day,
But felt absurd when I got word
Of you in San Jose!
No more I'll go beyond Haight-Ashbury,
So if you care, look there for me. ##

(Tune: "Red River Valley.")

From this city they say you are going,
I am sorry you feel you must flee,
But remember your friends who were hippies,
And stayed in the Haight-Ashbury.

Chorus: So come sit in the park one more hour,
It was here you first opened your mind,
And in friendship I'll give you a flower,
To remind you of love left behind.

Oh I hear you've been talking of justice,
Of improving the world and all men,
But I tell you that road is a circle,
Leading back to yourself once again.

If you love this old world, and wish truly
To improve it before you are dead,
You don't have to press others unduly -
Better start with the world in your head. ##

From Columbus to the Space Age
(Tune: "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa)

First came Columbus, in 1492.
The British came to stay in 1607, setting up Jamestown, Virginia,
Then, in 1620, Pilgrim people on the Mayflower sailed.
Thirteen colonies got planted, from New Hampshire down to Georgia -- and all of these in 1776 rebelled.

"We'll never pay that tax," they cried, "because we never had representation!"
"Equal we are all born, and with fundamental rights!"
And this Revolution fired the Shot Heard Round the World,
And then a new Constitution and a new flag were unfurled.

1789, George Washington's presidential inauguration,
Then John Adams, then Thomas Jefferson, then James Madison, were leaders of the nation.
And we grew to the south and to the west -- 1803 bought Louisiana,
Then exploring the dark came Lewis and Clark, lighting up our continental panorama.

1812, we fought England again,
'23 Monroe's Doctrine was stated,
'28, Andrew Jackson came in,
On the votes of the common man,
'46, we fought Mexico -- Then
Our great western empire was created -
But slavery divided all men,
Until it seemed that nothing else could be debated.

Suddenly and terribly, the guns were all a-thundering,
Shouting "States' rights!" shouting "Free the slaves!"
North and South paid tragically for politicians' blundering
With a ruined land, half a million graves -
It was Lincoln's war, from 1861 to 1865,
Yes it was a war to keep the cherished Federal Union alive,
And it was a war for independence, and it was a war to gain ascendance,
And it was a war from which the South would take a century to revive.

But we knew as we grew beef and grains
That the railroads our land were uniting,
Industry made giant gains,
Soon the Frontier was no more.
In 1898 we beat Spain,
And became a world power - how exciting!
Along came the car, phone, and 'plane,
And Liberty stood on our shore, the world inviting.

Suddenly and terribly, the swords again were rattling:
1917, Wilson took us in -
Over there we went, against a German Kaiser battling,
Well, we won the war, but peace did not win.
Senators shot down the League of Nations when the Roaring Twenties came,
It was Ballyhoo and Prohibition, shorter skirts, and youth aflame -
Then, in '29, the Market tumbled, and our whole economy crumbled,
And the Great Depression stalked our land from California to Maine.

'33, Franklin D's New Deal soon
Made him seem like a modern redeemer,
'41's blow at Pearl Harbor doomed
Both the Nazis and Rising Sun.
'45, Victory! - but the gloom
Of Cold War, and the cloud of Hiroshima.
'69 saw us reaching the Moon,
And, like Columbus, of great dreams we're still the dreamer! ##

(36) THE PUSSY-CAT CAN- CAN (2:54)
(Tune: "The Can-Can" by Jacques Offenbach, from "Orpheus In The Underworld.")

Pussies getting restless now,
They really need the best of chow,
Third-rate paps and table scraps,
Well, that might do for me or you,
For we are only people,
But a pussy needs the best of care,
Special tubs and belly rubs
And combs and brushes for their hair.

Can't you see we're hungry, man?
Open up that pretty can!
We have had a busy day.
Now's the time to get our pay
So won't you do your job
We beg you every minute Yes!
We need it so right now, then:

Please open up the can can,
Lady please or man, man
Cause we want our sweety meaty eaty treaty,
Please open up the can can,
We hope that's your plan, plan,
We will eat it soon, without a spoon.
Don't seize on another plan plan,
Open up the can can,
Serve us with a little kittle vittle,
It'll ease all the pussy clan clan
Who don't give a damn damn
If it's afternoon or light of moon.

Pussies fed and gone to bed,
But dreaming in that pussy head
Of the food that was so good,
And so delicious, so nutritious;
Now we're on our feet again,
And soon it's time to EAT again,
Eat again, eat again, eat again, eat again, eat again, eat again,
Meeting, greeting, leading, pleading, needing feeding:

Please open up the can can,
Hungry as I am, am,
I am really aching, breaking, quaking, shaking,
Please open up the can can,
Whether Sir or Ma'm Ma'm,
We depend on you
To see us through.
Just squeeze every little dram dram
From that precious can can
For my careful viewing, wooing, cooing, chewing,
Peace won't return to man man
Til they get that can can --
That I know is true.

There's nothing happier
Than a pussy being fed,
There's nothing cosier than a pussy on your bed,
So heed it when you hear that call
Resounding down the kitchen hall,
For, whether black, white, grey or tan,
They all know what is in that can
Can please a cat,
And only that
Can can! ##

(37)  ABOUT THE AUTHOR  (1:17)

Ashleigh Brilliant was born on December 9, 1933, and arrived in the Haight-Ashbury on February 27, 1967. He does not remember anything of significance having happened between those two dates, but admits to having been involved in the academic world for a number of years. He feels that his own personal identity crisis was solved when the San Francisco Examiner, on April 7, 1967, described him as a "hippie." On May 21, 1967, he began making daily appearances with a portable microphone at 3:00 P.M. in Golden Gate Park at the end of Haight Street. These seminars in the park soon became a popular Haight-Ashbury institution, and were often attended by crowds of several hundred. The songs in this publication [except #35 and #36] were all originally presented at these gatherings, and the author hopes that they will now, in published form, be able to spread joy and consternation among a much larger segment of society.