Dear Friends,
Here's an idea I've had for spicing up your correspondence, particularly for very special regular mail like greeting-cards and invitations: Instead of writing the address on the envelope in the ordinary way, do it as a little POEM.
Here are some examples, to show you what I mean. (The addresses are not real).


(1) Rani Shelby,
5074 117th St. NE
Crane AL 63445

Mailperson, please search every cranny
And find a SHELBY who’s named RANI.
Here’s a hint: look for the door
Of NUMBER 5074
On a street thou must have seeneth
(Directionally that’s NORTH-EAST)
At CRANE, a town far from the least
In ALABAMA (sakes alive!)
The ZIP is 63445.

(2) Carly Francis
58431 Meacham Rd., Sp. 13
Desert Hot Springs CA 92241

No matter where she walks or dances,
Deliver this to CARLY FRANCIS
On MEACHAM ROAD, our honey-bun
Lives at 58431,
Where she no doubt reigns as queen
Of that lucky SPACE THIRTEEN
In a town of cactus queens and kings
Known fondly as DESERT HOT SPRINGS,
Beneath a CALIFORNIA sun –
(The ZIP is 62901).

(3) Christopher Standleigh
210 S. Pine Lane,
Parsondale IL 73609

This note’s addressed in manner grandly
On SOUTH PINE LANE you’ll find his den,
And the number is TWO-TEN.
These words will end their tricky trail
In the town of PARSONDALE,
Known widely as the pride and joy
Of the State of ILLINOIS,
In that fair zone within the line
Of zip code 73609

In case you're wondering whether addresses written like this would really get delivered by the Post Office, I can guarantee that they will, although it may take a little longer than if they were machine-readable.

You probably know several people who would be delighted to receive something with a truly customized address of this kind, so I urge you to try out the idea. But of course you may not have the gift I have for playing with words and making rhymes. (Admittedly it's not always easy, and it does take time.) I'm therefore hereby offering a new kind of service. Just send me the address or addresses, and I'll email them back to you in versified form, like those above. You can then write each one on the envelope in your own hand, or of course you can just cut out the printed address and stick it on the envelope.

The fee will be $50 per address, payable with your order. You can order with credit card by email to or use the secure order form: (For "Item" just put "versified addresses" and write the addresses in the box above the "subtotal" line). No charge for shipping, since this will be sent by email.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

This is a limited offer, and may be withdrawn at any time.

Note: The samples above are all U.S. addresses, but I can do the same for addresses in any English-speaking country.

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