There are 373 Pot-Shots in this 9th collection, which has FAITH as its theme. Chapter titles include "Whirled Without End," "Souled Out," and "Oddly Godly." Price: $25.00 soft-cover only.

Here's a sample of one of the chapter introductions:


If This World doesn’t give you enough to believe in, there is always the Hereafter, a place notoriously dependent upon Faith for its very existence. What happens to people when they die? Most of us don’t concern ourselves about the postmortem prospects of termites or cockroaches. (If we did, the pesticide industry would have to do some deep soul-searching.) But when it comes to people, and especially people close to us, well that’s another story. And when it comes to the closest person of all – the good old Self – that indeed is another whole chapter – this chapter, in fact.

Let’s face it -- this particular question, and the fact that we do all have to face it, is actually the greatest thing we all have in common. That (no doubt) is one reason why human beings, as a class, are frequently referred to in literature as "mortals." As a paid-up mortal in good standing since 1933, I am, like most of the rest of us, anxious to maintain that status as long as possible. Not that I have anything against immortality per se – but I can’t help having doubts about the exact process by which it is to be achieved.

About my work, however, I have fewer qualms. If any part of it, after having been born in my mind, passes over into yours, surely to that extent we are both already tasting the immortality of a Brilliant Thought.

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