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Pot-Shot Text
0033 I'm not getting paid much for staying alive but it's good experience.
0056 I think I’ll just sit here and wait till life gets easier.
0064 I'm writing to tell you I have nothing to say.
0068 I happened to see you passing through my life, so I thought I’d love you.
0100 Are we still friends? Or don't you know either?
0101 Consider yourself thanked.
0102 If you can't keep in sight, at least keep in touch.
0104 Regardless of the date, I’m glad you were born.
0118 I'm just moving clouds today - tomorrow I’ll try mountains.
0131 If you're looking for a friend, I’d like to apply.
0135 Please don't ask me what the score is - I’m not even sure what game we're playing.
0142 When all else fails, eat!
0144 My life has a superb cast, but I can't figure out the plot.
0146 I may not be easy to reach, but I may be worth it.
0156 Your illness license has expired: report back to health immediately.
0157 A large percentage of me likes a large percentage of you.
0179 I don't need a great deal of love, but I do need a steady supply.
0184 Appreciate me now and avoid the rush.
0196 Reports of my being alive and well have been grossly exaggerated.
0197 It would be nice to see you again - and again.
0205 Anything is good if it's made of chocolate.
0211 Isn't it a nice coincidence that you and I are both alive at the same time!
0212 All I want is a little more than I’ll ever get.
0223 There's a hungry mailbox down the street - please feed it something for me.
0240 Why don't you write, and give me a chance not to reply?
0254 Thanks for being.
0309 Single-handedly, I have fought my way into this hopeless mess.
0317 To whom it may concern: you are a very special person.
0328 I don't wish to appear overly inquisitive, but are you still alive?
0347 I'm looking for the perfect pillow - I think it's somewhere near yours.
0377 I'm sorry for not communicating, but sometimes it's very hard to write on a moving planet.
0433 I may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are excellent.
0445 "Please reconsider - it's so hard to take ""go to hell"" for an answer."
0455 Any day is a good day to have a mother.
0500 I waited and waited, and when no message came, I knew it must be from you.
0519 I feel much better, now that I’ve given up hope.
0563 I, for one, am longing to feel your hot breath on my neck.
0572 To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and, whatever you hit, call it the target.
0595 Please don't tell me to relax - it's only my tension that's holding me together.
0609 I always know the right thing to say, after the right time to say it has passed.
0673 Somehow, in my busy life, I am finding time to miss you.
0676 Help improve my appearance - I’m much better-looking when I’ve been hugged.
0759 I don't have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem.
0787 If God had approved of the metric system, he'd have given us ten fingers.
0792 We must have courage, faith, and lunch together sometime soon.
0826 I have abandoned my search for truth, and am now looking for a good fantasy.
0830 Living on earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun.
0980 Your smile is one of the great sights of the world.
1010 Life is an intolerable burden, which every living thing somehow manages to tolerate.
1015 Words ought not to be trusted - you can never be sure if they mean what they say.
1032 Please remain calm - it's no use both of us being hysterical at the same time.
1062 I want it clearly understood that I’m totally confused.
1085 My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating.
1120 No man is an island, but some of us are long peninsulas.
1150 In order to discover who you are, first learn who everybody else is - and you're what's left.
1160 You are there, and I am here, so one of us is obviously in the wrong place.
1189 What I like most about myself is that I’m so understanding when I do something wrong.
1194 By doing just a little every day, I can gradually let the task completely overwhelm me.
1213 Communication with the dead is only a little more difficult than communication with some of the living.
1248 Our meetings are held to discuss many problems which would never arise if we held fewer meetings.
1287 Things are gradually falling into place - on top of me.
1318 My life is a performance for which I was never given any chance to rehearse.
1336 We've been through so much together, and most of it was your fault.
1390 Inside every older person there's a younger person wondering what happened.
1394 Anybody who thinks I am strange ought to meet you.
1401 Sometimes the best way to be useful is to get out of somebody's way.
1409 Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules.
1460 Look what I’ve found! ... A moment to write to you.
1520 I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.
1529 Words are a wonderful form of communication, but they will never replace kisses and punches.
1615 There's only one thing more beautiful than a beautiful dream, and that's a beautiful reality.
1678 If you can't say exactly how much you love me, try to make a rough estimate.
1861 Please ask your machine to get in touch with my machine.
1960 My life is already complicated enough, without trying to introduce organization into it.
2032 To be sure of winning, invent your own game, and never tell any other player the rules.
2053 I too have known joy and sadness, and, on the whole, I prefer joy.
2101 Most of my problems either have no answer, or else the answer is worse than the problem.
2120 Slavery and torture were outlawed long ago, but, for some reason, marriage is still legal.
2373 We couldn't have met in any previous life, because you are one experience I’d surely never forget.
2409 If you postpone a pleasure long enough, it may melt, spoil, die, evaporate, or move away.
2475 Let's make it definite: I’ll see you when I see you.
2503 All I want is a warm bed and a kind word, and unlimited power.
2581 Watch out! It's quite possible that some of my best mistakes haven't yet been made.
2606 My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it's surprising how often they head in your direction.
2651 My struggle to remain healthy is gradually killing me.
2701 One thing travel teaches is why living at home is so popular.
2702 Keep smiling! (but not so much that people begin to wonder if you are mentally unbalanced).
2747 Children who are born into happy families grow up speaking love as their native language.
2797 It's true I’m getting older, but there are still many good hugs left in me.
2829 A good friend is worth pursuing - but why would a good friend be running away?
2833 Ready - aim - spend!
2835 Never fall in love with anybody you can't afford to lose.
2836 Sometimes I make a mental note, but then forget where I put it.
2847 No matter how many times I do my work, it never stays done for long.
2849 Never resist a mad impulse to do something nice for me.
2851 Think of me as someone who is very often thinking of you.
2918 It's hopeless! Tomorrow there'll be even more books I should have read than there are today.
2999 The longest distance in the world is always the one between you and me.
3017 Just because I’m happy doesn't mean you couldn't make me happier.
3037 Correct me if I’m wrong, at your own risk.
3053 Doing it wrong fast is at least better than doing it wrong slowly.
3093 I have you, you have me: at least one of us is lucky.

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