Pot-Shots postcards by Ashleigh Brilliant began publication in 1967 and have been maintained in print ever since, in a constantly expanding, individually copyrighted, numbered series, which currently totals 10,000 word-and-picture designs.

Once published, no design has ever been changed, except when found to have exceeded 17 words (an arbitrary limit, fixed at the beginning) or judged too similar to an existing design.

There have, however, been many other changes and variations, in everything from papers, colors, and printing processes, to card size, trademarks, card-back contents, and even the author’s signature. Thus it would be possible to assemble a collection of hundreds of cards all bearing the same Pot-Shot, but all significantly different from each other in some way.

Examples of Varieties:

The very first Pot-Shots did not use that name, but were called "Unpoemed Titles." Those cards are now extremely rare. Only one complete set of #1-10, individually stamped and mailed on the first day of publication, is known to exist. It is currently owned by Mr. Clark Akatiff of Palo Alto, California.

For the first several years of publication, the cards measured 5 ½ x 3 ¼ inches. In the early 1970’s, this was enlarged to 5 ½ x 3 ½ inches, to conform with new international specifications for minimum postcard size.

Pot-Shots have appeared in a wide variety of colors, ranging from dazzling "day-glo" to subdued pastels. Some (now very rare) were printed in the late 1960’s on shiny silver- and gold-coated stock. The ink color has generally been black, but a few hundred cards were once printed (on a Rex-Rotary hand-press) using blue ink. Paper surfaces have varied from smooth "index"-type to heavily textured stock.

The most interesting feature of the card-backs is that they indicate the country and city of origin. Pot-Shots have been printed under license not only in the U.S.A., but also in England, Australia, and New Zealand. At least 8 different addresses have appeared in the upper-left corner.

Collecting by Subject
Pot-Shots illustrations offer a wide variety of subjects. Particularly rich collections can be made of ANIMALS, WEAPONS, and TRANSPORTATION of all types.

Collecting Numerically.
Collectors obsessed with numbers will enjoy trying to acquire a given sequence of Pot-Shots, e.g. a complete set of #4000-5000.

Whatever kind of collection you decide on, Pot-Shots postcards can give you an absorbing, rewarding hobby, and add pleasure and meaning to your life.

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