"Just the thing to start an epidemic of laughter." -- Copley News Service.

"Outstandingly good. I've been a fan for years." -- Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"Good one-liners. . . I congratulate you." -- Isaac Asimov

"I really like the things Ashleigh Brilliant thinks of. The only time he makes me mad is when he thinks of things before I do." -- Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts.

"Wonderfully inspirational and insane messages." -- Prof. J. Katz, Dept. of Psychology, John
Abbott College, Canada.

"If anything has gotten you down lately, just open one of these books and see if relief isn't spelled
B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!" -- Common Ground

"Endlessly quotable . . . they draw one by the charm of their diversity of texture and taste." -- Eric Korn, The (London) Times Literary Supplement

"Brilliant's stuff gets right down to it. His is a rare talent." -- Los Angeles Times.

"Few writers achieve such empathy with their readers. He is often greeted with, 'That's exactly how I feel,' or 'How did you know that's just what I was thinking?' " -- Greensburg (Pennsylvania) Tribune-Review.


(Names omitted to protect privacy, but the original letters may be seen at our office):

"I picked up a copy of one of your books the other day in a doctor's office, and it probably did me more good than the doctor." -- Kelso, Washington

"You fill a terrific need in this world with your wit, humor, and stabs in the back." -- Arvada, Colorado.

"I think POT-SHOTS are better than a university class in Philosophy." -- Drayton Plains, Michigan.

"This past weekend my uncle passed away. He was what you might call a conservative and just slightly right-wing. But like all of us he obtained great pleasure from your work. He thought you were amazing! Your humor passes all political and social boundaries." -- Brentwood, New York.

"After our earthquake, I was feeling quite shaken for days and depressed. I realized I needed some help, and recommended to myself that I get your books out and read a bit from time to time. I now have one downstairs and one upstairs. It's working." -- San Jose, California.

"The cards out-class any one I know and more important still, they will last through generations of literate and educated people the world over." -- Lagos, Nigeria.

"These jottings . . . help me live a clean and sober life by not letting the 'STINKING THINKING' get me down." -- PFC, U.S. Army.

"No man could have the compassion and insight qualities that you apparently have. Please verify your sex for us." -- Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

"When my husband saw your book, he laughed for the first time in months. The unfamiliar sound was music to my ears. Thank you." -- Hood River, Oregon.

"Almost everything I read in your POT-SHOTS is something I've been thinking somewhere in my stomach or insides somewhere, and just couldn't get out." -- Alma, Michigan.

"I 've discovered your book . . . in a friend's bathroom last week, and had the funniest time I've ever had in a bathroom before." -- Quathioski Cove, BC, Canada.

"I never heard of you until a few weeks back, yet I feel as if you had been living in my head for 3 or 4 decades." -- Clearlake, Washington.

"I recently read your book when my friend transcribed it into braille for me. Even without the benefit of the pictures I enjoyed every word and thought." -- Jamaica, New York.

"I absolutely love your lines. Reading them during my nervous breakdown allowed me to laugh about myself and with you, and helped me to accept and heal. That is honestly true." -- New York, NY.

"I must thank [you] for helping me acquire my present job. By splattering assorted verbiage (acquired from several postcards) on my application, I was able to give the employers the incredible impression that I was intelligently insane. Thus I am now a business manager for a group dental practice." -- Belmont, California.

"There were times when I seriously considered 'throwing in the towel.' When I felt that way, along came your 'saying' in my local paper in a most unique wording that made me stop and think. . . . I truly believe it helped save my life." -- Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

"All the manic-depressive schizoid existential pseudosurrealists I know love your postcards -- the best thing since Valium, and more portable than bathroom walls." -- Berkeley, California.

"I am an 18 year old girl who just left behind her past in Washington to begin a future in California. Since my arrival, my spirits have been somewhat down. I went to take a nap on the couch when I saw Grandma's books piled on the coffee-table. I saw your book, and decided to open the cover and read the pages. To my surprise, when I was finished, I felt so good I could have walked right out of my front door and conquered the world!" -- Placentia, California.

"I thought my wife was insane reading your books, so I read one, and now we both are." -- Sunnybank Hills, Queensland, Australia.

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