[Developed by Geoff Canyon, using Revolution]

Here, on a single CD, is a fully-illustrated Pot-Shots Catalog, listing all the words, AND showing all the pictures of all the 10,000 Pot-Shots in print -- more than 3 times as many as have appeared in all the "Brilliant Thoughts" books. The pictures appear in color, just as on the postcards.

This is also a Database, in which you can search for messages both by word and by subject. For example, you can get a list of all the lines containing the word "chocolate" (a total of 31) or all those on the subject of "pleasure" (134).

And, just for fun, there's a "Random" button which you can keep hitting and never know what Pot-Shot is going to come up next.

Click here to see a sample screen of the CD in use.

All the pictures and lines of text can be copied, for private non-commercial use. (Other usage requires special permission).

The program is very easy to install and use, and will run on any P.C. or MacIntosh computer. (Please specify when ordering if you have a Mac.)

The PRICE for the latest version (Version 2)is $105.

These prices include airmail shipping anywhere in the world.

Here are some comments from happy users. (Names withheld to protect privacy. The original letters may be seen at our Santa Barbara office).

"I received the CD in the mail today, and it works great. I have printed out a few to hand to my 'Introduction to Philosophy' teacher tomorrow....I plan to get an A in the course.... using your thoughts as an opening salvo."

"I'm very pleased with the CD, and am enjoying seeing all the Pot-Shots I've missed over the years, and revisiting some of my old favorites. I'm very happy to be able to own the entire collection."

"My wife gave me a Pot-Shot CD as an early Christmas present. It works great! I am enjoying searching and viewing."

"Received the CD... I have been on the computer since 5:30 a.m., and it is 9:30 a.m. now. I intend to get off real soon. I am enjoying them even though I have read many of them before and had a bulletin board in my kitchen in Burbank when I lived there. Most everyone alive that used to come to our house remembers reading them and laughing."

"I had a chance to check out the CD this morning, and it is as advertised. Thank you."

"I received the CD and am very pleased with it. Thanks for your swift attention to my order."

“I want to tell you how very much I’ve enjoyed your wonderful Pot-Shots CD!!! I use it all the time to add pointed visual punctuation to my emails, and enjoy just reading them as well. I feel it’s really enriched my life, so thank you, thank you!”

“I LOVE the new Pot-Shots CD. I have wanted the whole set for a very long time. Technology today has answered my prayers.”

“Thank you for making the Pot-Shots available for personal use. Perhaps it will be what is needed to bring those of us together who don’t know how to reach out to each other! I have a Mac with OSX, and the CD works wonderfully!”

“My daughter gave me your CD for Hanukah and I was delighted. . . I was also …strangely gratified with the CD itself, with the fine touches of a human hand. Thank you for letting me know this is from YOU and not something excreted from the bowels of a hard drive.”

“I have used your Pot-Shots for years in my training. Now I have them all in one place. I received the CD today, and it works as advertised.”

“I’ve been having a blast reading, and reading, and reading. I love the wisdom with the humor.”

“I’m having so much fun sharing your Brilliant Thoughts with my friends! The new CD is working great – the random button keeps me smiling for long stretches of time… I have to forcefully nudge myself to get back to work!”

“I gave this CD to myself as an early Christmas present. Nothing is more enjoyable than to ‘sit’ with a great wit and read their thoughts.”

“The CD arrived and loaded properly on my eMac. The perfect product for those of us with attention deficit disorders, who think too much about the big issues of life.”

“The person who designed the computer program for the Pot-Shots did a first-rate job. I’m enjoying my new disk, and am already sending samples to my friends.”

“You think what you provided me was a catalog of your mental droppings. What you really gave me was a companion for problem solving ideas. Whenever I’m stuck, squeeze the “Random” knob and wade through. Sooner than later – shazaam! Already I can’t live without this AB Crutch. And, why should I?”

“I have been slowly making my way through all your brilliant thoughts, and feel inspired with every one I read. You know, it doesn’t matter how I’m feeling when I begin to read them, I always feel happier and more elated after I finish!”

"Works fine…Thank you for a great product. My wife is delighted."

"Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of your Pot-Shots Database. I finally had some time to try it out, and it was great. Easy to install and navigate. And of course, lots of fun."

"Am enjoying the catalog on CD. (I ordered 2) I get so caught up, I forget to write down what I want to order - stimulates endorphins - great for the immune system just to go through your catalog….I have a mail order business, and so many of my customers are ill or depressed that I thought I'd start enclosing some of your cards as cheer-ups."

"I was thrilled today when I got my CD!... Seems to work just fine. When I have more time, I plan to hunker down at my computer and read all of them. So many are familiar, some are new and just as good."

"I am enjoying the CD massively...Now I'll almost never be at a loss for an appropriate Pot-Shot when one is urgently needed."

"We are very impressed with how it works. This will make going through your entire collection a lot of fun."

"What a MARVELOUS way to continue giving chuckles and provoking thought!"

"It works perfectly so far. We will enjoy this very much!"

"I am delighted! I put the program on "random" and read each appearing Pot-Shot to my partner, and we laughed (and thought!) together! I think you did a wonderful job."

"I find it phenomenal, and it makes me just want to order more Pot-Shots. It makes it easier to sift through the mass."

"Congrats on a wonderful collection."

"I'm pleased as punch….Kudos for a fine piece of work."

"I am truly impressed by your index, particularly by your index to the pictures."

"For us, the best thing about the new disk is that the entire list of captions is on view by category at one time. Makes choosing easier."

"It works perfectly on my little iMac. What fun!! Well, must go now and see more…and more…and more Pot-Shots. Thanks! I love 'em!"

"Thank you for the speedy delivery of your CD of Pot-Shots. I have been able to view and search your works, and am most happy with it. Congratulations on Brilliant work!"

"It's great to have them all on tap and I am enjoying going through them. I had no trouble loading the disc, which just worked like a charm."

"Your CD arrived in good condition… I am so happy to have it, and spend hours browsing through it."

"Over the past few weeks, I've been going over your Pot-Shots one by one, starting with #1….I've been writing down the numbers of the ones I like. So far, it's averaging about one in six. Never before had I realized how important the drawing is to the words."

"I love the CD…Let me congratulate you and your software person. I have a new most priceless possession!"

"I have received and am enjoying the CD immensely….I am glad to have your life's work (so far) in an easy to access format. Considering what it would cost to own all 9000+ Pot-Shots on cards, I must say that your price is a bargain!"

"I've been working my way through the CD….The first laugh arrived approximately 3 minutes from the start. Until you try to read 10,000 Pot-Shots at a go, you really can't begin to appreciate how many that is! I now understand how it's impossible to have a 'favorite' Pot-Shot."

"I can't thank you enough! …Can't wait to spend days - months - years! on the CD!"

"I received the CD and it became a hit with the family the moment I installed it. Our youngest daughter (who is 13) has literally spent hours using the random function of the tool looking at hundreds of Pot-Shots. She is so enthralled that she is doing a report on you for a school project."

"I received the CD today…It worked right away, which impressed me….I tried a search and was immediately impressed even more! I typed in the search word "frog" and was amazed to see the result: A number of cards which did not have the word "frog" in them, yet which had images of a frog. You obviously spent a lot of time making that index! I am very impressed!"

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